Organic honey, beeswax natural balms and honey wine

Hi, my name is Andres Arbito. I am an organic beekeeper. That means I do not feed sugar to my bees or use any dangerous chemicals to treat them.

As you can imagine the products that come from my bee hives like honey or beeswax have no contaminants and have the greatest quality, so I use these products, natural oils, etc. to make these products:

-Organic Vaseline: a natural balm made with natural oils and beeswax that will protect your skin against disinfectants by creating a protective layer that will also help you maintain the natural humidity of your skin.

-Honey Lips: a very soft balm that moisturize your lips helping you prevent lip cracks and irritation.

-Honey Wine: a very sweet red wine with 12% of alcohol produced with the best grapes you can find in Cuenca’s markets, and sweeten with honey to produce a special after taste that will delight even our more demanding customers.

Organic Honey: produced in our apiaries with our own special beehive design that allows our bees to be warmer and healthier preventing them of contracting any disease that require treatment, our beehive design also allow our bees to mix a big amount of pollen with the honey giving it a special after taste and an outstanding nutritional value. We also make sure to collect only the surplus honey, leaving our bees with enough honey for the rainy days on which they can’t leave the bee hive making it unnecessary to feed them any kind of sugar. We warranty that our honey doesn’t have any process that might alter its composition or nutritional value it has, in other words, our honey goes straight from the hive to your table.

To place an order and give the instructions for delivery call or WhatsApp to the number 098 710 6758.


City: Cuenca

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