Difficulty using the Azutaxi app

On Sept. 13 there was a post about having difficulty using the Azutaxi Application. The poster wrote this:

“I have a Google Pixel phone. It gets Android updates before any other brand. When the new Android 13 update was recently installed, I could no longer use Azutaxi.”

The following is from my friend, Jorge Naranjo. He is the developer of the Azutaxi App. Please let me know if this procedure solves your problem using the Azutaxi App.

Please follow the steps below:

1. Go to cell phone settings
2. Go to Applications
3. Look for the azutaxi application and enter
4. Select memory or storage
5. Clear cache
6. Clear data
7. Close all the applications that are open on the cell phone
8. Enter AzuTaxi again

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City: Cuenca

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