Berenice Studio

Good morning my clients, I have come to tell you that there are beautiful and radiant promotions to end this September.

Come and realize your color and receive 15 minutes of relaxing massages
Have a facial and get a pedicure
Come and have a relaxing 90 min massage and get a moisturizing facial
And many more treats for you

We are located at Miguel Cordero Davila and Paucarbamba in front of the Work Center Building. It’s a 10 min walk from el Centro.

Come visit us and enjoy a drink with your service. We will be happy to assist you. You can check our Facebook and Instagram pages. And before I forget, we moved to a bigger shop that’s in front of the old place! The Moustache and Berenice Studio are together.

My phone number is 098 459 2179
Or email

Miguel Cordero Davila y Paucarbamba

Victoria Andrade

098 459 2179

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