Muak Café bakery pastries and artisan chocolate


This is an invitation to visit us at Muak Cafe… We have a great variety of delights to offer you, sweet and salty, as well.

– Chicken, Cuban Sandwiches (homemade bread) Oregano Deli- style:
– Aniseed buns.
– Omelets
– Pancakes
– Mote Pillo
– Mote Sucio
– Tigrillo
– Bolones
– Choripan
– Yogurt and Fruit
– Yucca Bread
– Cheese, Guava or Chocolate Fingers.
– Toast/ eggs/ bacon


Lasagna, meat or vegetarian+bread+drink+dessert

Our pizza cones: margarita, pepperoni, mushrooms, vegetables, Hawaiian and the meat one, our Muak cone.

Some of our desserts:

– Choco & Zucchini Cake.
– Dark Chocolate Cake
– Red Velvet
– Carrot Cake
– Marbled Cake
– Blackberry Cake
– Banana & Chocolate Cake
– Donuts
– Brownie (spectacular)
– Cookies

We are a chocolate maker and Shop: Nuts bars and bombons.


– Hot or Cold Coffee.
– Vegan and super Pink Latte (beets & Almond Milk- free Sugar) 100% healthy.
– Pink Lemonade.
– Our amazing new product:
Hot bombs…. A must!
– Milkshakes
– Hot Chocolate
– Fruit Juice
– Herbal Tea

We’ll be glad to have you here. Come and stop by and give you the chance of delighting only good things. We are open from 8 AM until 10 PM.
Now, we also open on Sunday afternoons.

September 12th from 8 AM to 10 PM, Remigio Crespo Av and José Lozado across Banco Internacional

Maria: WhatsApp +593 97 890 8533

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