Got questions? King Smokehouse has the answers!

Yes, it’s question and answer time at King Smokehouse!
What goes well with King Smokehouse Bacon? Why, Aunt Betty’s Biscuits, of course! Light and fluffy with a drizzle of honey. Yumm.
What goes best with our Country style sausage? Ohhh, not hard at all – Uncle Dave’s Pancake’s hands down! Golden brown with syrup and sausage. Perfect.
Hmm. What to have with my Smokehouse Ribs? Easy, Carolina Country Cornbread, no question.
I want Smokehouse pork chops tonight, what do you have? Sauerkraut! Hand cut and delicious, crispy with the right amount of tang.

Thinking about Smokehouse pulled pork suggestions, please. Sure, add a dollop (or more) of our “craveable” sweet, tangy, red barbeque sauce.
Your melty Cheddar Cheese makes great mac ‘n cheese but I want something different. Suggestions? Ultimate comfort foods, Grilled Cheese sandwich and tomato soup (Cuenca Shop has Campbells!!)
Check out all the great products and we are ready to answer all your questions about King Smokehouse fine smoked meats and Mountain Home Gourmet superb mixes, sauces and sides. Our menu is below and we invite you to enjoy all of our indulgently delicious products (and the prices!!! Are so reasonable). Just across from Beautiful Parque San Sebastian. Shop and enjoy the parque.

Smoked products:

Bacon 1 lb $9
Bacon 1/2 lb $5
Bacon Bits 1lb $5
Ground Beef $6
Ground Lamb $7
Ham Bits $5
Ham Bulk (sold by weight) Variable
Ham Sliced $5
Ham hocks $5
Leg Lamb (by order) (sold by weight) Variable
Pepper Bacon $9
Pulled Pork $10
Sausage Meat-Chicken $5
Sausage Meat-Pork extra spicy $5
Sausage Meat-Pork Sage Normal $5
Sausage Meat-Pork Spicy $5
Smoked Burgers 2lb $8
Whole Smoked Chicken $14
Smoked Ribs 1 lb (sold by weight) Variable
Sliced Turkey Breast or Bulk $6.50
Thick Neck Pork Chops (sold by weight) Variable
Carolina Country Cornbread $2
Uncle Dave’s Pancake Mix, Aunt Betties Biscuit Mix, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Mix, Jolly Ginger Cookie Mix, Sugar Cookie Mix, Best Ever Brownie Mix $3

Sauerkraut $4
Molasses/Miel de Caña $6
BBQ Sauce $5
Black Eyed Peas $2.50 lb
Cheddar Cheese lb $7.50

Daily from 9 until 5 (Sat. 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM). Closed Sunday, Coronel Talbot 8-66 y Simon Bolivar

Felix Salinas: 593 96 904 7724

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