Lost telephone

Hello Friends, Must tell you of help and honesty of some people. Out for Dinner with friends on Saturday evening at El Arriero. I shall sum up my story: Left restaurant at app 9:15. Sunday morning noticed that phone was missing. Called Owner of El Arriero, Mr. David Jaramillo, and asked if he or staff found telephone. Was told no, however was told that security camera would be checked. No luck. Went to restaurant Sunday morning to check myself. No luck.

David suggested that I call taxi that drove me home. Did not remember, however, owner said that they always employ same for needy guests. David called and was told that driver had found in his cab and would return to restaurant.

As I have lost or have had stolen several phones, was pleasantly surprised that my telephone was returned. There are still many honest people in this world. A very big thank you to David Jaramillo, staff and taxi driver for return of my phone.

El Arriero a wonderful place to eat knowing that you & possessions are safe!

Ed Nadeau: Eddy.boy48@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca
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