Sukasa electrics

Hello friends. I want to give my experience. I’ve been here for 3 mos. I have purchased a hand-held blender from Sukasa. I had to take the machine back 2x because they gave us the wrong parts. We finally, on the 3rd try, got a Black ‘n Decker with all the parts. Why didn’t we just get a refund? It is not possible at Sukasa. Only if you buy 1 standalone product. If you buy more than one product at a time, they say they can’t give the refund, only credit. This is why we had to keep getting another 1 that was no good. We also bought a coffee maker. The heating element got too hot, I assume, and cracked the pot. It’s 2 mos. old, has a 6 mo warranty. But they have to send it to Quito to make sure it wasn’t a power surge that caused it to crack. Which could take over 2wks. So, no coffee maker for a while. We have purchased towels and sheets with no problem.

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