Migratory Regularization – To people in Ecuador without a valid visa

Hello to all the foreign community living in Ecuador.

If you are in Ecuador without a valid Residency Visa of Ecuador or know someone who does not have a valid Residency Visa of Ecuador, regardless of the nationality, and would like to get your migratory situation legalized, as long as you have stamped your entry into the country you might join the regularization process. The first phase of this regularization process has started just yesterday, September 1. There will be two phases for this process of migratory regularization, which are as follows:

1.- Registry of Migratory Stay (Registro de Permanencia Migratoria), which started yesterday, September 1 for Venezuelan citizens and will start on November 16 for foreigners of other nationalities. (Art. 4 of Ministerial Resolution No. 007 / Acuerdo Ministerial Nro. 007 issued on August 17, 2022).

During this first phase foreigners in Ecuador will register online and indicate their current migratory status. With these statistics the Ecuadorian Government will work on the specific details for the regularization process, which would be the second phase of the process.

2.- Regularization – Visa issuance to foreigners in Ecuador who do not currently have a Residency Visa in Ecuador.

Who may apply?
– People who entered in Ecuador legally, by stamping their passport or showing their ID and getting an official stamp (Carta Andina).
– People without a criminal record. You will need to have the police clearance certificate from your country with Apostille/Legalization, but you wouldn’t be eligible if you are considered a threat to the Republic of Ecuador (i.e. if you have been registered as a criminal).

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