La Mabue – New restaurant near Museo Pumapungo

Looking for a new restaurant to try while using your Spanish in a friendly environment?

La Mabue at Calle Larga 2-74 y Manuel Vega offers fresh ingredients, delicious flavors from Manabi province on the Ecuadorian coast.

Dietary restrictions? There’s no wheat in any recipes. Every dish is naturally gluten free. The Mabue family also welcomes vegetarians.

Set lunches for $2.50 include homemade juice, soup and main dish.

Daily, 7:30 AM – 7 PM, delivery available, Set lunches for $2.50, Calle Larga 2-74 y Manuel Vega (one block from the Registro Civil and three blocks from Museo Pumapungo y Banco Central two storefronts from Taita bakery with the bike out front)., Cuenca.

Ernesto y Paola: +593 98 179 4404
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