Disfruta – 2 weeks old! Come grab a bite

A Cuencano, A New Yorker and Caracueño walked into a bar… and this is what we created! We are just 2 weeks old and hope that you’ll come check us out. Our name is Disfruta (Enjoy, in Spanish). When you come over, we would love to know what you think — we want you to love us.

Serving breakfast, crepes and sandwiches all day long. We have some of my favs on the menu including a tuna fish sandwich and the “BLT”. Drinks, beer and wine are available.

And exciting news – we should be installing our bar tomorrow! That means we will have mixed drinks very soon. I’m currently infusing two different vodkas right now in preparation for it: Blueberry and blackberry vodka as well as our specialty VIP – vodka infused pineapple. So, I hope you’ll stop by and check us out soon.

Our place is a cozy one that’s excited to meet and serve you soon. Cheers!

Eat, Drink, Enjoy! Come, Bebe, Disfruta!

You can find us on Facebook searching user name @Disfruta.HermanoMiguel.

Google Maps here: https://tinyurl.com/2hsycvyw

Monday – Saturday 9:30 AM to 7 PM or later, 6-52 Hermano Miguel (between Cordero and Juan Jaramillo). **Our hours are still a little influx.

September 1st and onwards, Miguel #6-52 between Pres. Cordova and Juan Jaramillo

Emily: balletdee@gmail.com

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