Dao Yoga – new time 2 PM. For all ages

You deserve to feel good in your own body, on all levels. Reconnect and recharge with yourself.

First class for no cost!

New time 2-3 PM every Tuesday and Thursday. Starting September 1st.

Try a down to earth, practical and personalized yoga practice.

If you have the desire to develop and grow your Physical, Spiritual, Mental and Emotional body you will have my full support. I cannot take the steps for you, but I can promise you, that as long as you have the right attitude nothing is impossible.

You can achieve the physical strength that you are seeking.

You can achieve an authentic deep connection with yourself and all things around you.

You can achieve clarity and insight with the power of your intent.

With our Dao Yoga classes, you will get the structure you need to grow your body-mind connection.

Dao Yoga is a flowing and dynamic practice, a mix of Yoga, Dao Yin and QiGong. The dynamic and pulsing movements will rock your mind into peace and allow your body to get both strong and flexible.

We never do any complicated or acrobatic poses, unless you as a student is ready for it. All classes are tailored for the individual students. Don’t be afraid to try it out!

Words from one of our students:

“While practicing Qi Cong initially, I quickly began to see my strength improve, but the REAL challenge for me was to take Yoga. Five years ago, I could not sit on the floor and be able to get back up without considerable help.

To say starting yoga at age 70, with a body that had not been asked to do anything strenuous, ever, has been monumental, but I knew as I went along that every joint pain, every muscle weakness was going to change and that I am acting in Self Love to give my body this opportunity to be as healthy as it can be.

None of it could have been accomplished without the steady, easy, loving, non-judgmental support and love from Perry, Frida and Marco.

Frida has particularly worked to find ways to move and stretch my body to gain the strength to learn the yoga poses.
I am so grateful.”
– Candy

From Sep. 1st. Every Tuesday and Thursday 2-3 PM, $35/month or $9 drop in. First class for no cost., 17-51 Mariscal Lamar between Miguel Heredia and Octavio Cordero, Cuenca.

Frida: Pampamisayocqigong@gmail.com 098 545 2054

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