Your ecological and sustainable project + solar, water and wind power

Every project begins with the design. Better if you accompany it with permaculture ethics and principles so that it is sustainable and in harmony with the environment.

We help you from the design and implementation to the start-up of your sustainable living project.

Free estimates to bring your project to life.

Solutions for you:

+ Solar, water and wind power. On Grid or Off Grid systems
+ Land surveyors
+ Permaculture design
+ Landscaping
+ Water harvesting (natural water, rainwater, other sources) – Solar pumps, reservoirs, etc.
+ Automated irrigation systems for gardens and crops
+ Bioconstruction (Adobe, Superadobe, geodesic domes, container homes/offices, bamboo, wood, etc.)
+ Improve gardens (Grass, organic pests control, etc.) and farms
+ Organic compost and vermicompost (liquid and solid worm Humus)
+ Manufacturing of wooden planters and tables
+ other ecological solutions.

Ask about solutions for you and about our service catalog. We can have a video or f2f meeting for free. Book your meeting by WhatsApp/Telegram/Signal or by email. Let me know how I can help you.

For a sustainable life and helping our planet.

… Developing projects throughout Ecuador.


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