New webshop, shipping to all of Ecuador: La Carreta-Distillery and health

Based in beautiful Vilcabamba, the family-owned business La Carreta has provided the expat community in Vilcabamba with household chemicals, locally produced food items and carefully sourced products for your health since 2016. Known for fair prices, high quality products and friendly service, our service has been highly appreciated by 100´s of clients since its inception.

We offer both bulk and retail deals on most of our products.

Since 2019 we are also running Destilería Sweden and are making vodka, whiskey, gin and rum (dark/white) of export quality.

Our webshop has been completely remade in August, 2022. Pay us a visit and order something, we´ll ship to Cuenca without any hassle:


Henrik Lemon
+593 98 616 2241

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