Thuesday Movie Nights are back at the Alianza Francesa

After a month off ciné, we are back with a nice program to make your Thuesdays more pleasant.

In September, come and see the three movies we offer at the Alianza Francesa de Cuenca.

Here is the program:

Tuesday, 6th of September: The New One : Benoit, a fourteen-year-old boy, has left the countryside to move to Paris. His first day at school turns out to be more difficult than he expected, and he soon feels isolated. Until one day, Johanna, a new Swedish classmate, arrives in class. Benoit decides to organize a party at home, but only three people show up… a handicapped girl, Aglaée, the weirdo, Joshua, and the nerd, Constantin…

Tuesday 13th of September: Supremes: The year 1989. In the slums of Seine-Saint-Denis, a group of friends find a way to express themselves thanks to the hiphop culture that has just arrived in France. After dancing and graffiti, JoeyStarr and Kool Shen begin to write rap lyrics impregnated with the rage brewing in the suburbs.

Tuesday 27th of September: Ghost Song: A hurricane threat is looming over Houston, Texas. An ultra-conservative city, whose streets are a battlefield, where the rapper OMB Bloodbath lives, an expansionist who has just lost her best friend, and William, from a wealthy background and thrown out on the streets for his love of drugs.

Every Tuesday at 7 PM at the Alianza Francesa’s Auditorium. The address is Tadeo Torres 1-92,Cuenca.

PS: Free event, don”t miss it!

6, 13, 27 September, 2022, free, Tadeo Torres 1 – 92 y Av. Solano, Cuenca.

Oceane Wauters

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