Ready Welder II battery-powered Mig welder.

This welder is used as an off-grid field welder for military units and mantainance companies worldwide. Run flux core or gas input. High amperage welds. This is no toy; it is a serious tool.

Ready Welder II Standard Pack Model 10000ADP-CS, with AC/DC Power Converter and Cold Switch, For Batteries or DC Output Welding Machines Set includes:- ReadyWelder II™ high-impact MIG gun – 10 ft of Cold Switch-enabled power cable with quick disconnects (can be extended to 100ft) – 1-pound spool of flux-cored wire 0.035” – Contact tip of each size: 0.023”, 0.030”, 0.035”, 0.040” – 2 battery clamps – 10 extra feet of gas hose – Gas hose coupling adaptor to fit your gas regulator – 300-amp ground clamp – Foam-lined, blow-molded ReadyWelder carrying case – AC/DC power converter for operating the RW unit with constant current (CC) stick welding machines – 2-ft series cable – for converting two 12V batteries to 24V Non-Cold Switch model (#10000ADP) also available.

The ReadyWelder Model #10000ADP-CS is the welder of choice for maintenance facilities/public works, construction and industrial companies, as well as those who use model #10000. The model offers an AC-to-DC power converter to use when connecting to CC stick welding machines.

Requires 2 x 12 volt deep cycle batteries to operate.


Michael: 099 800 1002.

City: Cuenca

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