Last chance for free bridge lessons

Only two spots left!

Like many organizations all over the world, our membership has been impacted in a negative way by the Covid pandemic, but it’s time to get some semblance of normalcy back into our lives. For several years now, I have been teaching bridge lessons for absolute beginners and folks who haven’t played in a while and feel they need a bit of review before rejoining the club.

I am offering a full set of classes at no charge in the hopes that those of you who may have been reluctant to come because of the cost will take this opportunity to come and learn.

There will be 8 two-hour classes held at the club house on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 10 AM to noon starting on September 7th and ending on September 30th. Learners will have the option to stay and watch the game or play when they feel they are ready.

The normal fee to play is $2, but this fee will be waived the first time that you decide to play and it costs nothing to watch.

We have all worked really hard to create a safe learning environment where it’s okay to ask questions, make mistakes or ask any other player to help you. We have a zero-tolerance policy against any type of behavior or conversation that makes anyone else uncomfortable and it is strictly enforced.

The room we play in is large with 2 doors and several windows that we leave open to create a free flow of air. The decision to wear or not wear a mask is a personal one – some players do and some don’t, but it is not mandatory. There will be lots of room for you to maintain your personal space except when you are actually sitting at the table playing.

Playing bridge is fun, social and so very good for your brain! It costs you nothing to try, so please come and join us.

The club is very easy to find – it’s just around the corner from the Italdeli in Puertas del Sol. The address is 2-56 Reginaldo Arizaga y Ricardo Darquea Grande. The number 50 bus stops about a half block away and any cab will be able to drop you at Italdeli. As you look at the front of Italdeli, there is a pan abode house with a green roof across the side street to your left. It sits on a little “V” formed by Reginaldo Arizaga on the other side of the “V”. The bridge club is the one-story brown house next door to the pan abode.

Please email me to let me know that you are coming so that I can be sure to have print outs for everyone. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Sept 7-30 from 10am to noon, free, 2-56 Reginaldo Arizaga y Ricardo Darquea Grande, Cuenca.

Bella La Coste

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