Info on Banos de Agua Santa

I am planning an exploratory visit to Banos in November to see if that would be a good area to call home when I leave the US next year. This will be my 5th visit to Ecuador, but the first time in this region. Any information / suggestions / experiences / warnings, etc., would be greatly appreciated. I understand that everyone has a different perspective, but I would like to hear them all. I have researched the main tourist attractions , so what I would like to know is:

1) what part of town would be best to stay in (safety, conveniently located, etc.) either for this short-term visit (10 days) or future long-term residency
2) can you recommend a real estate agent who operates in this area (preferably also speaks English)
3) any idea of the number of expats living in/around Banos
4) can you recommend anyone in the area to help with the residency visa application / moving process
5) is there an online platform for the Banos area (like GringoPost)

My sincere thanks for any information you can provide… even for questions I didn’t know to ask.

Cindy Daly

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