Covid shots

Where can I get free covid booster shots? Thanks!

Kev OKane


I’m in the process of getting my visa. My question is: does getting an “inversionista” visa have any advantages over a “jubilado” visa in relation to getting the state insurance? I’ve received conflicting information and would really appreciate some accurate information.

Thank you,


Cajas -vs- Canar (For Holly)

Hi, my name is Christina. I just came back from Guayaquil 3 days ago through Cajas at 11 AM and the road was ok, and usually when I need to travel after 3 PM I get back to Cuenca through Canar which is much safer but a little longer (1 more hour). If you are in a rush, go through Cajas. However, if you are worried about safety, Canar is the way to go.


Are you ready to apply for your permanent visa?

If you have completed or are about to complete 21 months with the temporary visa, you are now eligible to apply for the permanent residence visa, one of the most important requirements is:

Not having left Ecuador for more than 90 days during the 21-month period of your Temporary Visa, these 90 days may have been used continuously or discontinuously.


Info on Ecuador

Hello, I am planning a trip Ecuador from mid-January to mid-February. I have many questions and hope this group will offer some answers. I plan to fly into Guayaquil and rent a car. I hope to travel to the coast to Montanita and spend a week before traveling up the coast.

Below are some of my questions. I have never been. What can I expect?

Thank you in advance,


Air fryer

I am looking to buy a used air fryer.


Dan: 095 903 7179. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for a gas cylinder

Good morning, I’m looking for a person to sell me a gas cylinder with a decent value. I need it urgently.

Thank you,

Esther Villafuerte: 096 315 7207. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for a used MacBook Pro or an iMac.

I”m looking for a MacBook Pro or an iMac in good working order. If you have any of those machines for sale, please contact me.


Louis: .

City: Cuenca

Do you watch streaming content on your cellphone?

Our cellphone magnifier enlarges your YouTubes and movies. It is made of a high-quality Fresnel lens, and is available in red, white, or black. Bonus: for a limited time, an adjustable phone stand is included with your purchase.

Visit our easy-to-find store, just 5 blocks west of Parque Calderon. (Simon Bolivar 13-49 y Estevez de Toral.) To learn more about our phone magnifier, visit:

Kent Mills: .

City: Cuenca

La Penitencia Café and Bar

A new space to enjoy with your friends and family. We offer you: coffee, chocolate, morocho, milkshakes, tamales, humitas, quimbolitos, bolones, tigrillos, empanadas, breakfasts and lunches, tablitas and side dishes, fast food, desserts and more.

La Penitenca Cafe
The secret of “La Bonita”

Address: Cuenca, Estévez de Toral street 13-31 and Antonio Vega Muñoz
Phone: 098 419 9777 / 099 809 2497
Schedule: 8 AM to 8 PM / Monday to Saturday

We wait for you!

Janneth Pena: 098 419 9777.

City: Cuenca

Two high-quality home security cameras for sale. Amcrest 1080p

I bought these high quality Amcrests from Amazon about 4 months ago. I bought them for $75 each. I am selling them for $40 each. They are selling now on Amazon for $47.

The picture is perfect. Mustafa can program them to where you can monitor you home from your computer anywhere in the world. It’s a great buy if you are interested in security of your home when you are there or traveling.

I prefer using WhatsApp for communication.

Patrick Trussell: 098 108 0470.

City: Cuenca

Bernan’s Home Canned Foods

Over the past 8 years Bernie and I have tried to make the best comfort foods that we can. Some have gone away, but some have been ordered regularly and the recipe is always the same. On days that we are in the kitchen cooking all day long we really appreciate our own pantry. It makes for a delicious dinner that was fast and not a lot of clean up.

I think we all have days like that and a lot of you have pantries like ours that just make life easier. Having our canned foods on your shelf, you don’t have to worry about remembering to take something out of the freezer. Even if you change your mind you don’t have to worry about losing something ‘cause it’s thawed out… if you don’t open that jar it’s good for at least 2 years.


Beautiful, professionally framed travel posters, way below cost

Since I have been in Cuenca for 8 years, I have ordered and had professionally framed, about 40 beautiful travel posters. My situation now says that I need to sell them at below framing cost. And the average size of the posters 32″ x 47″ with framing cost $115, I had them all framed here in Cuenca at the framing shop in Remigio Crespo and Ave. Solano. My average selling price for the framed posters is $100. I also have 12 posters for sale at $30 each!

*- Havana Poster $140
*- Lamas $100
*- man and brown suite airplane $100
*- Marseille $100
*- Peru of the Incas $100
*- Fly to south sea Isles $100
*- Sun Valley IDAHO
*- California girl In white dress on the beach $75

I prefer using WhatsApp.

Patrick Trussell: 098 108 0470.

City: Cuenca

The Hop Factory: best place for craft beer in Cuenca

Come to the brewery and try our hand-crafted beer. We have plenty to choose from.

Beers: Rowdy Rabbit our low-carb beer, Jamaica, Maracuya, Pale Ale, Hoofta IPA, Amber, Stout and Bourbon Barrel Stout.

Come in Thursday and Friday from 3 to 8 PM, or later if the crowd is having fun.

Friday only: at The Hop Factory get 2 for $5 (bourbon barrel not included)

We are right off the new Ciclovía.
Calle del Himno Nacional and De la Bandera Nacional were on Google maps (The Hop Factory)

Luis: 098 721 4499.

City: Cuenca

Nutritional yeast!

Dear friends of Gramm Bulkshop, we share some information about nutritional yeast:

This yeast is grown specifically to be used as a food product. It is used in cooking and has a cheesy, nutty or savory flavor.

To produce nutritional yeast, S. cerevisiae cells are grown for several days on a sugar-rich medium like molasses.
The yeast is then deactivated with heat, harvested, washed, dried, crumbled and packaged for distribution.


Restoration Hardware dressers x2

Solid cherry dressers, 15-years old

length 85cm, width 54cm, height 69cm

$100 each, $150 for 2

Tim: .

City: Cuenca

Perfecto 2V wheeled oxygen concentrator

Perfecto 2V is an excellent concentrator designed to meet users need adequately. Built with high standard materials and packed with exciting features. Perfecto 2V oxygen concentrator is an economical addition to the premier Invacare stationary concentrator line. If you’re looking to get a concentrator that gives you value for your money, you may want to opt for one of our respiratory care products.

Perfect0 2V has a very functional design – it is a full 5-litre concentrator that is small, quiet, and lightweight. And it incorporates SensO2 oxygen sensor technology. The Perfect0 2V is simply your cost-effective home oxygen concentrator and comes with no scheduled maintenance for three years. So you can enjoy it for an extended period with peace of mind.


Garage sale this Friday and Saturday (26 and 27)

Looking for decorations for your home?

We are having a garage sale with wonderful items such as:

Kitchen appliances
Many décor items
Pet supplies
And much, much more…….

Come visit us Friday and Saturday from 9 AM – 3 PM at 1-37 Paseo Rio Burgay on La Isla by Tres Puentes.

Debbie: 098 770 7814.

City: Cuenca

Cuenca Creators Co-op welcomes Esthela Moran

Esthela is a traditional artisan from Iluman, Ecuador. She designs and creates every unique item herself using renewable, green materials. She uses seeds, glass beads, shells, stones and tagua in her intricate designs. Each piece is truly ‘one of a kind’.

You can usually find Esthela and her husband, Alejandrom¡, selling her stunning creations in the famous ‘Plaza de Ponchos’ in Otavalo. Now you can save yourself a trip! These beautiful items are now available in Cuenca at the creators Co-Op.


Facilitator and home finder

My name is Sayira. My husband, Kevin (from Chicago), and I work as facilitators in Cuenca. We help expats with all of their needs.

While my specialty is finding the perfect home for you, I offer various other services:

-English/Spanish translation
-Shopping assistance (with or without you)
-Setting up cell phone service/utilities/internet
-Medical insurance
-City/Neighborhood tours
-Driver’s license
-Doctor’s appointments
-Car registration/inspection
-Group activities recommendations
-Other needs as they arise

If you need one or two of the above services, I charge only $12/hr.

For new expats, I offer package deals to smooth your transition.

References available upon request.



095 873 5663

Gran Feria at Sisa Bowl Restaurant, Saturday, 27 of August!

Sisa Bowl Gran Feria. Come join us for our Gran Feria on August 27, starting at 10 AM until 1 PM.
We have 21 spectacular vendors joining us for this great event.
We look forward to seeing you all.

1. Artesana
2. Food Angels
3. Martina Bakery
4. Isabel Arte y Costura
5. Huertos Jesmer –
6. Alquimia
8. Baby Fox nut butters and chocolate
9. Mieles del Sol
10.Antojitos Mexican
11.Porto y Gaia
13.La Mia
15.Cat Services
16. Blue Biker blueberries
19.Cuenca Shop
20.Vincente Canelazo

Sisa Bowl Restaurant is located on 3 Noviembre beside The Broken Bridge. (Look for the mural of the woman smoking a cigar on the front)

Paseo 3 Noviembre (beside the broken bridge)


099 430 6408

Hungry for TexMex? Always at Santa Cruz restaurant

Santa Cruz loves giving their customers the best service and time at the restaurant, so please, check out these amazing combos and specials and get what suits you the most.


Taco Tuesday 10 x 10 (Ten tacos for 10 bucks)
Mariachi Thursday
2X1 Martinis
3X2 Beer
2X1 Blue Margaritas every day!


1) Mega Combo $21:
Quesadillas + Nachos full + 4 tacos + 1 L coke

2) Super Combo $12
Tacos + Chili Cheese + 1 L coke

3) Super Combo $15
Burrito + Nachos full + 1L coke

4) Super Combo $16
Quesadillas + BBQ chicken wings + 1 L coke

Get to know our menu:


Botana Santa Cruz (Sampler)
2 people
4 people



(chicken/ beef / pork / shrimp / vegetarian. served with salsas and chips)


(chicken/ beef / pork / mushroom served with salsas and chips)

Crazy Burrito

Super big burrito mixto, served with salsas and fries.


(chicken/ beef / pork / shrimp)


Caesar Salad
Cobb Salad
Greek Salad
Shrimp / chicken salad
Mexican Salad


(chicken / beef / pork / shrimp / black beans) …

To see more of our Menu, please go to our Facebook @santacruzrestaurantcuenca .

We deliver too.

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: Noon – 10 PM
Sunday: Noon – 5 PM

Esmeraldas #222 Y Remigio Crespo (one block east of the Totems).

Santa Cruz Restaurant

099 511 2381

Melamine carpentry and furniture

I am a manufacturer of melamine furniture. I manufacture all kinds of models and designs to your liking. furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, closets, floating shelves, normal shelves, different shelves, bedside tables. I manufacture small, medium and large projects. excellent quote, very good price and quality.

You can write me by email. I will gladly send you a quote or I can go to your location and take you material so you can choose which one you would like, I have my own vehicle perfect for long distances, inside and outside the city of Cuenca.

Cuenca, Azuay


Cat scratchers, Jesus

Constructed entirely of good wood, strong and stable solids, with strong sisal and high-quality carpet fabric. I have different designs and models. Your cat will like it very much.

Benefits of the cat scratcher:

– To keep your nails healthy and strong. Cats are territorial animals that like to mark their scent.
– To stabilize activity and avoid health problems
– To play and release stress
– To create your refuge
– To entertain you and vent your curious instinct.

Deliveries inside and outside the city of Cuenca.

Cuenca, Azuay


What is glutathione IV infusion therapy?

Glutathione is a tripeptide—a combination of three amino acids: cysteine, glycine, and glutamine. It’s present in most of the cells in our bodies, though it’s most often found concentrated in the liver.

Glutathione contains a sticky sulfur chemical group that collects all the harmful molecules in your body and neutralizes them. These are called free radicals; when they’re eliminated, your immune system gets a massive boost.


Full body relaxation massage – 90-minutes session

Nurture your mind, body, and spirit with an indulgent 90-minute massage

This massage releases your muscles and calms your nervous system –the perfect recipe for relaxation. Everyone could benefit from a Relaxing massage – whether you’re struggling to sleep, got deadlines to hit, or want some quality time. Feel pampered and relaxed in the comfort of your home.


Cat Scratch Kitchen (new video)

We have another gem for ya. This time we make an Impossible Chicken Ranch Pie. So easy to put together, if you buy a rotisserie or canned chicken and precooked bacon, there’s nothing to cook to get it ready for the oven.

Soon I’ll share a couple of my favorite sweet impossible pies, so be sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell so you’re sure not to miss them.
Head on over to our channel from the link below and while your there hit the subscribe button, it really helps our channel reach more people so they can enjoy the recipes also. There also is always a link in the description of the video to download the recipe for yourself. Hope to see you over there.


Justin Rogers

Musings from Pájaro y Bestia

I did not claw my way up to the top of the food chain…
just to eat vegetables.

Gran Colombia 13-100, y Estévez de Toral

098 321 8273

Offering cryptocurrency tutorials

You may be interested in investing, trading, or simply learning about cryptocurrency, but perhaps you don’t know where to begin.

Whether you want to learn the basics, learn how to purchase and set up accounts safely and securely, or even get into more advanced concepts I am here to help.

I am here to navigate you into this exciting world. While I don’t offer financial advice, I am happy to educate you on the different coins, the market basics, and the technology that gives these assets their value.

Happy to meet in person or setup a video chat.

WhatsApp, Telegram, or Signal:
+1 905 598 2310


Looking forward to making an arrangement.

PS – my Spanish is pretty decent.



I can walk your pets on Thursdays and Fridays

Hello! I’m Claudia, I love animals and I work as a photographer, on my days off from work I would love to walk your pet as an extra income. I live near the mother’s park so I could take your pets there and many more parks that are in the area. If you live near me and want someone to take care of your pets on those days, I’m the one.

Parque de la Madre, Parque Paraíso.

Claudia Moscoso
098 230 8156

Dimplos white-line repair

We fix your water heaters, washing machines, drying machines, refrigerator and kitchens.

Call us for great deals!

Simon Bolivar 17-25 y Miguel Heredia

Juan Pedro Malo

099 413 6993

Professional English editor

I will correct and/or develop your writing, academic or otherwise. I have edited novels, memoirs, autobiographies, poetry, short stories, essays, and theses to name a few.

Reference: Donna Stiteler:
More references available upon request

My fee depends upon the task.



WhatsApp: 593 96 711 7397

Private Spanish lessons

Personalized, private, face-to-face Spanish lessons in the city of Cuenca. Native speaker, with a degree in foreign languages. I speak English fluently, and also German.

Gran Colombia – Cuenca

Juan Carlos

Whale watching and Spondylus Route Tour from Cuenca

If you haven’t seen the wonderful whales yet, here is your chance, “Polylepis Tours Ecuador” invites you to join our tour traveling the Spondylus route and Whale watching in Pto. López.

Dates: We recommend weekdays if you like to avoid the crowds, but this tour can run any day until the end of September.



Recommendation for Christian Canseco, Spanish teacher

In one word, fantastic! Chris is an excellent teacher. Very patient and moves at your own individual pace. Funny, entertaining and I now consider him my friend.
He speaks English very well so he is easy to understand and translates well for you.
I would highly recommend him.


Contact information: 539 99 898 6482

Recommended by Andy McKay:

Recommendation for Rami Riden, hair salon

Rami has been cutting my curly hair for six months now and I always leave his salon with a perfect haircut. He has styled the hair for contestants in the Miss Universe contest and has many years of experience. I brought in a picture of how I wanted my hair to look and he copied it exactly. I think that you will find him to be very personable and professional. He is located one block from the SRI building. WhatsApp 593 99 900 0427

Address: Alfonso Borrero y Remigio Crespo

Contact information: 099 900 0427

Recommended by Barbara VA:

Gran Roca Wednesday, farm-to-table market and lunch at Los Balcones

We invite you to come to the Gran Roca Wednesday farm-to-table market and have a one-of-a-kind fresh, healthy and delicious lunch from noon – 2 PM at the beautiful Hotel Los Balcones on Presidente Borrero 12-08 y Sangurima, (Only 4 blocks from Parque Calderon), where you can pick up our fresh, healthy and delicious products like our harvested-in-the-morning fresh vegetables and herbs, milk products, chicken and duck eggs, chicken, turkey, beef, pork and smoked products. We will also be bringing our fresh-made products from our commercial kitchen.


Holy Pig it’s Gusher time at King Smokehouse!

If your face and hands don’t get messy eating BBQ… you’re doing it all wrong.” King Smokehouse guarantees you will need a lot of paper towels (alias napkins in the South) to mop your face and hands when you eat their succulent, tender, tasty, and oh, so juicy Pulled Pork. Double the amount of towels if you slather your King Smokehouse Pulled Pork with one of their savory, perfect Carolina Barbecue Sauces. Now that is some kind of good eating (South Carolinian for delicious).

At the Smokehouse your get all their great products and a lesson in South Carolina lingo (a must language for any pork lover). Then of course you will crave some Carolina Country Cornbread muffins with some diced jalapenos to ensure a “slap yo’ mama” (translated too good for words) experience.


Café Ñucallacta – artisan coffee roaster

We are Cuenca´s very own artisan coffee roaster. We use some of the best coffee in Ecuador and roast in small batches so that you receive at its optimum in flavor and aroma. We carry dark, espresso, medium and light roast coffees. Our coffees start at $5.99 per 400 gram bag.

We also brew our coffee fresh every day and serve with our breakfast, pastries and fast foods. Stop by for a delicious home cooked meal and see why we were voted Cuenca´s best coffeehouse. Visit us or order via WhatsApp for delivery.

Every day, Hermano Miguel 562 and H. Vasquez

Ruminahui Duchicela: 096 311 4958

Taoism – a millenary and eternal philosophy

“The wise man is the one who knows how little he knows.” ~ Lao Tzu, Tao te Ching.

During this workshop the basic concepts and philosophy of Taoism will be introduced. We will discuss and explore the nature of Taoism, its influence on society and its relevance for the Qigong and traditional Chinese medicine.
Tao is unknowable and indescribable, but we will do everything possible to present its history and practical applications.

This workshop is adequate for both people who have no history in Taoism and for those who have studied it and want a new perspective.

Together with the workshop you will receive a manual on the subject of Taoism and its propagations throughout history.

Cost: $60 ($50 for Pampamisayoc Qigong students)

September 2nd, from 4 to 6:15 PM, $60, 17-51 Mariscal Lamar Y Octavio Cordero Cuenca, Ecuador, Cuenca.

Marco Mortato: 098 777 4743

You could win this beautiful piece by Segovia…

…at the Mujeres Con Exito Southern Comfort
Back to School Benefit

MC: Linda Chase
Tranferencia prentation: Janda Grove
Dinner: Southern Comfort chicken
Entertainment: Northern Roots band playing acoustic folk, Americana, with some pop and rock mixed in.
Donation $35 – proceeds for shelter children clothing and school supplies
at Mujeres con Exito

Taxis available after event
Reservations: email us!

August 31st, from 4 PM, $35, Baltazara de Calderon 2-26 y Miguel Velez, Cuenca.

Debby Larsen:

Cuenca Language Exchange Club

You are invited to join our club and to get skill speaking in English-Spanish, free. We are Spanish and English native speakers that want to share with you our languages. You just need to know basic English or Spanish. We are meeting every Monday and Thursday from 3 until 4:30 PM inside the Antigua Escuela Central. Address: Benigno Malo and Gran Colombia corner.

Every Monday and Thursday from 3 to 4:45 PM, free, Benigno Malo and Gran Colombia corner (Antigua escuela central), Cuenca.

Paulina: 098 890 7549

Cooking with Rey “Authentic Southeast Asian Cuisine”

Join me in comfortable relaxing no stress environment while savoring the exotic flavors of Southeast Asia.

Cambodian Spring Wings (Pictured): The name derives from the color of this beautiful and lively dish. Lemongrass and green onions provide the lovely spring greens and the red chilies provide the red colors of spring. Basted in garlic, honey and chilies these medium spicy delights will warm your tummy.

A few simple facts:


Sisa Bowl restaurant

Come join us at Sisa Bowl.

Serving our Signature Sisa Bowls

Simply pick your protein
A selection of Fresh Vegetables
Served on Rice or Rice Noodles
And your choice from our 12 homemade sauces.

Hungry for a burger?
Try our signature Bacon Blaster Topped with your choice of Smoked Provolone, Smoked Gouda, Gouda, Pesto or Cheddar.
Choice of Regular or Sweet Potato Fries.

Wings and Fries
With your choice of our 12 homemade sauces.

Don’t forget to try our homemade Ice cream and our Craft Chocolate made from heirloom Cacao sourced from all over Ecuador.


Wednesday to Sunday noon – 7 PM
Paseo 3 Noviembre (Beside The Broken Bridge)

Wednesday to Sunday 12-7 PM, Paseo 3 Noviembre beside The Broken Bridge

Sisa: 099 430 6408