Sending small parcel through DHL

I am planning to order several items overseas (including several writing pads, a mug, and a small pencil case) as a gift. The ordering website includes free shipping with DHL worldwide. The total amount I order is less than $100, and I expect they will be less than 1.5 KG. Does the recipient in Cuenca need to pay any tariff, tax, or as I read, extra $42 for delivery through DHL? Will DHL directly send the parcel to the address or they need to pick up at their shop?

Thanks a lot,


Looking for someone selling Euros

In a few days I’m going to travel to Europe and need to change some Dollars to Euros.

If anyone has some euros left or if some knows where to make the exchange with a decent rate, please let me know.

Mauricio Fabara: 099 973 0534. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for commercial space for rent

Looking for unfurnished commercial space for rent in Cuenca.

Querying Visual Artists if any are interested in establishing an art center to show our work. It can be termed a gallery, so I would say a cooperative gallery. Taking turns hosting, possibly giving art lessons, or drawing lessons. Anyone can repost this who may be interested, have more to add, suggest location in Cuenca, have the means to research, know gallery owners to get advice. Reply to me for more conversation.

Suzanne Cerny:

Looking for someone knowledgeable about Kajabi

Specifically, I’m looking for someone who is familiar with the Kajabi platform, can come to my home office and help me set up landing pages and a sales funnel. I can pay for someone to do it, but I’m more interested in learning how to do it myself.

Carolyn V Hamilton: 099 998 8777. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

My in-home, 60-minute massage promotes better health and relaxation

Rejuvenation Home Massage of Cuenca understands the mental and physical challenges we face in our lives daily, today. Reducing stress promotes better health and well–being. Massage is a natural way to reduce these tensions and have a positive effect on other common health conditions:

Digestive problems
Aches and pains
Sports injuries


Looking for someone to reseal brick floors

Looking for someone experienced in sanding and refinishing red brick tile floors. Condo located in Cuenca historic center. Please email with contact information.

Mike: .

City: Cuenca

Recliners for sale, singles, doubles, triples

At JDs Muebles we have a unique range of high-quality recliner sofas offering the ultimate in comfort, style and support. Our recliner sofas come with easy-to-use reclining systems and are available in a choice of luxury fabrics. With recliner options on sofa chairs, 1-seater sofas to 2-seater sofas and also a different variety of sofas, you can be sure to find a recliner that is perfectly suited to your personal style and décor.


Excellent suitcases for sale

Hello, I have up for sale, 3 large suites, a couple of Kenneth Cole, one American Tourist and one carry-on 40-degree Latitude.

Large suitcases are in excellent condition. $40 each.
The carry on is $20.

Any questions please txt me on WhatsApp.


David Sturm: 099 503 0770.

City: Cuenca

Cuenca Consignments store is open today

Please come and browse our large selection of household furnishings as well as personal items and gently worn clothing in various sizes for women, men, and children. We just received a large selection of Men’s nice dress clothes, shoes, and Jackets, draw a discount ball and see what discount you get on your purchase.

We are accepting items in good condition to sell for you on consignment. If you’re moving or downsizing, or have things you just don’t use anymore, why not turn them into cash? We can help.

We are located on Isabela 4-75 y 12 de Abril, just west of the Coliseum and are open Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, from 11 AM to 5 PM.

Brenda Webb: 098 459 3005 Spanish 095 898 4212.

City: Cuenca

Ecuadorian traditional drink, made at house

Maria offers Colada Morada Cuencana:

1 liter of colada morada (made of natural purple corn flour. With fruits, blackberry, pineapple, strawberry, babaco, apple, peach, passion fruit, and with natural herbs and sweet dressings at $10.

2 liters at $20.

It is healthy food made at home with natural and fresh ingredients. Delivery is free at home.

Andres: .

City: Cuenca

Traditional Ecuadorian homemade food

María offers traditional Cuenca food:

5 Humitas (which are corn flour tamales wrapped in cheese), at $5

5 Tamales of corn flour, egg, raisins, pepper, with chicken or pork, at $6

5 Choclo (heirloom corn) Tortillas, $5

Drink Colada Morada (traditional purple drink with fruit), at $10 a liter.

5 emborrajados de Maduro (wheat flour, eggs, sugar, a little milk, fried in oil), at $4

1 pound of cooked corn for $2

It is healthy food, made at home with natural ingredients. Delivery is free for orders of $10 or more, otherwise $2. Order at:

Andres Reinoso.

City: Cuenca

Kenmore Elite 72053 31.0 cu. ft. French Door bottom-freezer

Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerator – impressive large capacity, extreme versatility

A performance leader in large capacity storage and versatility, this Kenmore Elite French door refrigerator 7205 combines a 31 cu. ft. interior with space-saving organization and durable, stylish construction. Equipped with features like adjustable shelves and wider door bins, it has plenty of room to adapt to your shopping list. Intelligent in its design, this French door fridge senses temperature changes and responds in an instant, so temperatures stay steady and every dish keeps fresh.


JD’s Muebles, furnishing store and home appliances

Do you want to furnish your house or apartment? Are you new in Cuenca? Come to JD’s Muebles. We have what you need, we deliver and install.

We have 8 years in the furniture, appliances business and we’ve always been known for our selection, value, service, and dependability. Whether you’re looking for home furnishings, appliances, electronics, floor coverings, or mattresses, we have everything you need to make your house a home.


White washing and drying gas tower, 20 KG Mabe

White washing and drying gas tower, 20kg Mabe, little time of use
Model: MCL2040PSBB0

Main benefits:

· Greater capacity saves up to 20 kilos.
· Easier to use due to its design, friendly panel.
· Wash and dry the same amount of clothes at the same time.
· Sanitized cycle that eliminates some viruses, bacteria and common germs in garments.


2023 Calendars are at Carolina Bookstore

Carolina Bookstore now has 2023 Calendars. These calendars have12 scenic photos of different parts of beautiful Ecuador. The cost is $10, get ready for the new year with one of these unique picturesque calendars.

4-46 Hermano Miguel

Martin P Doherty

Selenium IV and Zinc IV Nutrient Therapy

Stress, food intolerance, a medical illness and GI conditions can inhibit the absorption of essential substances such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, folic acid, glutathione, or biotin.

IV Nutrient Therapy is a tool to safely and efficiently administer high dosages of nutrients that the body could not absorb through food or oral supplementation alone.


Full lymph drainage massage – 90-minute session

Did you know that the lymphatic system helps your body eliminate toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials?

A healthy lymphatic system can usually do this without problem, but certain health conditions and physical damage can cause fluid buildup.

Lymphatic drainage massage, also known as manual lymphatic drainage, is a gentle massage to relieve painful swelling in your arms and legs.


Enrollment now open, Ana Luisa Spanish Classes, August 29th

Join us for our next session which begins on Monday, August 29th – October 7th, 2022

The activities in class have these elements: comprehension, interest and involvement, and meaningful repetition.

Our goal with the oral approach method is to involve our students and others who are learning Spanish in experiences that provide the opportunity to know more about the daily lives of people, and learn about the culture through classes in group, lectures and optional students’ trip.


The importance of getting a second doctor’s opinion in Ecuador

A few months ago I received a call in the middle of the night from one of our clients who was suffering from severe knee pain. His doctor had suggested immediate surgery on both of his knees at a price of $9,000, which immediately alarmed me. I contacted one of our other client’s doctors and got an appointment set for the next day. The other doctor concluded that physical therapy and medication would solve the issue, and for less than $2,000, without a painful surgery. This is just one of the many cases that I have seen in which the treating physician proposes an invasive procedure without considering the client’s specific situation or exploring other options first.


Private Spanish lessons

Personalized, private, face-to-face Spanish lessons in the city of Cuenca. Native speaker, with a degree in foreign languages. I speak English fluently, and also German.

Gran Colombia – Cuenca

Juan Carlos

To be or not to be

Would you like to obtain a profound understanding of the Spanish language?

Language is the best tool to connect with culture, people, philosophy and history.

Study Spanish at your own pace, and in your own space. Custom made lessons.

I hope to meet you soon.

A bit about me here:


096 410 9374


Vegan food from Chile, only at Gracie’s Naturals

NotCo is a Chilean food company that makes plant-based stand-ins for mayonnaise, milk, ice cream, and meat, using AI to optimize flavor and texture. It was named one of the ten most innovative Latin American companies of 2021. You can find their products at Burger King Chile and the U.S. Whole Foods stores.

Now Gracie’s Naturals sells Not mayonnaise, Not milk, Not ice cream, and Not burger at the following prices.


Taco Tuesday? Always at Santa Cruz

Have delicious dinner at a great price with our promo: 10 tacos x 10 dollars. You can pick beef, chicken or chicken, and mix your taco plate.

Also get your
2X1 Blue Margaritas.
2X1 Martinis
3X1 Beers

See you there

Esmeraldas #222 y Remigio Crespo (one block east of the Totems).

Santa Cruz Restaurant

099 511 2381

We paint houses, apartments, rooms, different spaces

Greetings, we are a couple of home painters.

– We paint your home. We renovate your property in a variety of colors and interior and exterior paint finishes to make it look beautiful and comfortable to your liking. We paint small and large spaces.

– We use the color that you like, and we paint in detail according to your choice. We work with all kinds of paints, brands of your choice.

– We adapt to your budget.

You can write me by mail for an appointment and quote.

Cuenca, Centro


Pet sitter

My name is Joselyn, and I am a university student; I take care of dogs or cats when their owners go on a trip, whether for days or weeks.

I keep good references. I share the link of my page:
Any information, contact by WhatsApp to the following number: 099 434 2726.

Museo Pumapungo


099 434 2726

Recommendation for Sreymom – What’s Cooking (Rey)

Cambodian cuisine – private dining

If you haven’t tried Rey’s exquisite Cambodian cuisine you are missing out on one of the best meals in town as well as a great experience with the wonderful hosts, Joe and Rey, in their beautiful setting.

We’ve, been there several times. My wife Pamela and I have never been disappointed. We’ve introduced many friends and will probably continue to add more to the list.


Recommendation for Violet Window Cleaning, window cleaning

Having a two-floor apartment on the 5th and 6th floor, we were in real need for having our windows washed, especially the outsides. Violet came with her workers to measure the windows and later that day provided a quote.

We agreed on a day and time for her two workers to start work. They showed up on time, 7:30 AM — not my best hour, but they started right in. Around noon, they ate their lunch, cleaning up after themselves. They finished about 4:30 PM.


Zarza Brewing $0.50 wings every Tuesday

Choose from any of our in-house sauces to personalize your $0.50 wings.

Jamaican Jerk
Hot Wings
Garlic Parmesan

*minimum order 6 wings and any drink

Open 4 PM to midnight

Every Tuesday, Remigio Tamariz between Alfonso Borrero and Lorenzo Piedra


Pei’s pot stickers (home delivery from Tuesday to Sunday)

This is the menu:


pork • $5
chicken • $5
shrimp and pork • $7
vegetable • $5
Beef • $6

hand-made noodles

veggie stir-fry • $5
zhajiangmian • $6
eggs with tomatoes • $5
Pork with vegetable • $8
Chicken with broccoli • $8

single dishes
over rice

Kung Pao chicken • $8
Coca-Cola chicken wings • $10
crispy sweet and sour pork (chicken)• $10
sweet and sour pineapple pork(chicken)• $10
twice cooked-pork • $10
general Tso’s chicken • $10
fried tofu • $8
Mapo Tofu • $10
veggie delight • $6
salt and pepper pork • $10
salt and pepper chicken • $8
Salt and pepper shrimp • $15
Fry pork with vegetables • $10
Fry chicken with vegetables • $8
Braised eggplants •$8
Fry green beans •$6
Eggs with tomatoes •$6
Celery & carrots salad •$6
Fry potatoes slice •$5


pork • $1
chicken • $1
red-bean • $1
mix and match dozen • $10


red bean paste (300g) • $5
Chinese bread buns (5) • $2.50
fresh-noodles Ramen (1lb) • $8
Spicy sauce (100g) • $3
Pancake (2 pics ) • $5
Fry noodles (150g)• $4

August 23rd, from 9 AM to 8 PM, El batan

Pei: 099 253 6116

7 Bakery Coffee

Business Hours
From Monday to Sunday and holidays
Home deliveries via WhatsApp 098 862 7147 With 24 hours of anticipation.

Physical store
Address: Av Gonzales Suarez 14-90 and Luis Martinez
Thursday to Sunday
From 9 AM – 5 PM or while supplies last

Donuts (minimum order 6 units):


This week at Joes’ – Fish n’ Chips + Coconut Shrimp

In Restaurant Dining – Saturday, Aug. 27th
Take out: Delivery or Pick Up, Sunday, Aug. 28th

It’s Pub Fish and Chips time plus popular Coconut Shrimp, tempura style

Popular Sea bass, moist and flaky, lightly seasoned. Bathed in our special beer batter cooked crisp and golden. Joined with sweet shrimp in a light coconut batter. Tarter sauce and Thai sweet chili sauce are perfect for dipping.

English pub style chips and crisp apple-horseradish join in.

And we finish with a creamy Passion Fruit mouse, coffee and tea*.

Not in the mood for fish, every week we offer our popular
Garlic, Herb and Rosemary golden juicy Chicken.

That’s what’s cooking at Joes’ this week … a community gathering place.

For photos, more info, pricing and ordering…go to
Questions? Call KP and Ken at 096 950 6605

Sat., Aug 27th … social hour begins 4:30 with dinner about 6 PM. It’s community gathering time, so bring your friends and make some new ones. Sunday, Aug 28th … dinner in the comfort of your home … pick up or delivery from 11:30 AM to 5 PM., address at time of order

KP and Ken:

Double D’s: There’s still time to order, but not much

Who’s in the mood for some TexMex? We’ve had a special request for our Chicken Enchiladas, and we are happy to oblige. This time we’ll make it a bit more traditionally with corn tortillas so if gluten is a problem for you, this will work well. The soup is vegetarian with a bit of a kick. Finally, the sweet is a brownie with some flair.


New restaurant on Hermano Miguel – Disfruta

Hi All, An Ecuadorian, A New Yorker and Venezuelan walked into a bar… and this is what we created!. We are brand-spanking new and hope that you’ll come check us out. Our name is Disfruta (Enjoy, in Spanish). When we come, we are open to feedback of course since we are new — we want you to love us.

Serving breakfast, crepes and sandwiches all day long. We have some of my favs on the menu including a tuna fish sandwich and the “BLT”. Drinks, beer and wine are available and soon we will have mixed drinks. Our place is a cozy one that’s excited to meet and serve you soon. Cheers.


UK night at T-Rex Burgers Pub on Wednesdays

Come and enjoy of a great night at T-Rex Burgers Pub this Wednesday and have some of the best the UK has to offer… People, music, food, scotch and beer!

Fish and chips $7.50
Scotch whiskey $6
Artisanal beer 500ml $5.50
The best from The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, etc.

You are invited.

August 24th from 5 till 10 PM, Calle Larga 8-63

Cesar Mejia: 096 293 9596

Authentic Mexican food in Cuenca delivered to your door

“100% fresh and handmade corn tortillas”.
• $8 – Gourmet Mexican Enchiladas
– 3 chicken-stuffed enchiladas, with Mexican beans and rice, choice of red or green
chili hot sauce. “Gluten Free”

• $10 – Red Pozole
– 1 large pot, contains: Corn, pork, Mexican spices accompanied by tortilla chips with your order. “Gluten free”


Gran Roca Wednesday, farm-to-table market and lunch at Los Balcones

We invite you to come to the Gran Roca Wednesday farm-to-table market and have a one-of-a-kind fresh, healthy and delicious lunch from noon – 2 PM at the beautiful Hotel Los Balcones on Presidente Borrero 12-08 y Sangurima, (Only 4 blocks from Parque Calderon), where you can pick up our fresh, healthy and delicious products like our harvested-in-the-morning fresh vegetables and herbs, milk products, chicken and duck eggs, chicken, turkey, beef, pork and smoked products. We will also be bringing our fresh-made products from our commercial kitchen.


Cuenca’s Creative Open Mic with Ernest Whaley

Cuenca’s newest Open Mic with an old twist at the Jazz Society Cafe! Open Mics were originally a place where songwriters could show up and tryout their new songs. Over the years it somehow changed to an event where the majority of players were just playing songs that someone else had made famous. We’re staying with the original idea of songs written and played by the writer, and including songs by famous artists, if they have a unique spin to them, and not, “Just Like The Record”.
Wednesday, 7 PM, 24th of August, Jazz Society Cafe, Los Cedros y Los Claveles ( one block North of Ordonez Lasso)

Debby Degamo: 093 934 2714 English 096-322-3377 Español

The next Gran Feria Sabatino’s is Saturday, September 3

There seems to be quite a bit planned for September 3 so we want to make sure you get this on your calendar. We’ve assembled another great group of vendors selling high-quality, unique products. Twenty-five tables will be arranged in the three areas of Sabatino’s outdoor space. Make sure to head all the way up to the patio so you don’t miss anything.


Free bridge lessons being offered by a certified bridge Instructor

The class is almost full!

Like many organizations all over the world, our membership has been impacted in a negative way by the Covid pandemic, but it’s time to get some semblance of normalcy back into our lives. For several years now, I have been teaching bridge lessons for absolute beginners and folks who haven’t played in a while and feel they need a bit of review before rejoining the club.


Luvimar comes back to the Sabatino’s Feria

After some time not being able to participate in Ferias, Luvimar Gourmet Market is back to offer you a selection of our best products.
Variety of cheeses, Canadian salmon, shrimp, scallops, organic tilapia, Asian cuisine products like fish sauce and shaoxing cooking wine. Also smoked bacon, breakfast sausage, ham hocks and bacon bits.

All items mentioned will be available at the feria. But of course, you can make your orders for other products from my store to pick up that day at the event.

I hope to see you all there for a nice day of eating, drinking and shopping.
Have a great day

Saturday, September 3rd, from 10 AM to 2 PM, Free to enter, Roberto Aguilar & Avenida 3 de Noviembre. One block west of Plaza otorongo., Cuenca.

Luis from Luvimar: 096 895 7920

Mujeres Con Exito, back to school fundraiser

Northern Roots – entertainment
Southern Comfort chicken dinner
Segovia ceramics – raffle prizes
Linda Chase – MC
Janda Grove – Tranferencia presentation

Donation $35 – proceeds for shelter children clothing and school supplies

Taxis available after event.
Email your reservations and pay at the door.

August 31st, from 4 PM, $35, Baltazara de Calderon 2-26 y Miguel Velez, Cuenca.

Debby Larsen:

Mujeres con Exito’s Southern Comfort fried chicken dinner

Please join us for a fun evening of great food, entertainment and fellowship while contributing to a good cause. Mujeres con Exito is raising funds to help the children from the Shelter get school supplies and uniforms.

The dinner will include delicious fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn bread, coleslaw and dessert. Iced tea is included and wine and beer will be available to purchase.


Cruciferous produce has arrived at Nectar

In addition to the standard organic, washed and bagged ready-to-eat produce from Nuna Chackra Farm, that Nectar continues to provide every Tuesday and for the rest of the week, we are happy to announce that cruciferous produce like romanesque, broccoli, cauliflower, red and green cabbage is now available.

“Cultivated since as early as 4000-5000 BC, cruciferous veggies actually have an impressive history. Not only have they been a dietary staple for many different civilizations, they’ve also been used medicinally throughout the years.

Believe it or not, cabbage was considered a powerful remedy in 16th century Europe for a variety of ailments. Other related vegetables were used for everything from snake bites to heart pain.

This particular produce group is high in vitamins A, C, and K as well as minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, and selenium. Many are also high in folate (vitamin B-9), vitamin B-6, and vitamin B-2.”

Every Tuesday, $.60 to $2.50, Sucre 1-127, Cuenca.

Tania Lucia: