Multi-flavor Fruit pulps, get 20 units for $10! FAQ inside post

What size are these fruit pulps?
100 gr – 115 gr depends on the density of the fruit

Does it have sugar or additives?
Zero sugar, zero added water, zero additives

How many servings can I make with one Pulp?
You can make 2 cups of 200 ml or 1 big one of 400ml

What flavors do you have?
Mora, Strawberry, Naranjilla, Naracuya, Tomate de Arbol and the mixed one of Frutimora

Do you offer better prices for local business?
Yes, we can negotiate on volume of purchase

Do you offer free delivery?
Yes, only on orders over $10 and must be in maximum 3 km radius of the center of Cuenca

Can I pick up my order?
Yes, we have a distribution point in av Loja 2-93 and Galapagos

Order online?
Of course, you can order Online at this link

Galo Chica: 096 407 8576.

City: Cuenca

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