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Live-in nanny/housekeeper

Looking for a live-in nanny/housekeeper in our home in Paute (1 hour outside Cuenca). Some English is preferred. The position would be around 30 hours of childcare a week (I have a 3.5-year-old and a 1-year-old), plus another 10 or so hours of housework spanning over 5 days a week. You would have 2 days a week off. Rarely, I might go out in the evenings once every month or so, or require a few hours on your days off. This will not be mandatory but negotiated with you, and you would also be paid extra compensation in these instances.

You would also have to be willing to travel with us a few times a year, and this may be more than 5 days. In these instances, you would bank your days off and use them at a later date. I would pay any travel expenses. I will also give 5 paid days of holiday per year and 5 paid sick days, both at a rate of $20 a day. 2-3 months a year I will return to visit Canada, during these periods I would continue to pay you and you would watch the house and my dog while we are away.

The pay would be $400 a month plus room and board (you have a private room and bathroom). You would be responsible for your own toiletries (soap, paper, etc.) as well as extra treats (ice cream, chips, wine, beer, eating out). We would share the responsibility of cooking meals and cleaning dishes.

Please WhatsApp 001 236 587 8488

Toni Gore: t_gore_1985@hotmail.comt .

City: Paute
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