Boomers, did your father get exposed to atomic radiation during WWII?

My father was a 20 year Navy vet who died at age 72 from lung cancer. A few years ago, I saw a little blurb in AARP’s newsletter discussing a benefit program for vets who were exposed to atomic radiation during the years when the US was testing bombs a lot. I began the process of applying as a dependent of such a vet. I’m just about done with gathering everything needed to apply for the $75,000 benefit which I’m told I’m eligible for. The cash can’t make my father’s suffering go away or lengthen his life, but it is a way of the feds paying for having made my father one of its many guinea pigs.

If you think this may apply to you, do some reading on it. A good site is this one: Feel free to contact me if you want more info based on my personal experience (no expert here). I just thought gosh, there must be so many folks out there who don’t know about this program and I really should share the information. God bless all those vets who gave so much to us all. And best of luck to you!

Elizabeth Richards
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