Two big events in Loja city

Hi all.

As many of you know, the devotion the La Virgen de el Cisne, is very deep into the Loja culture and in Ecuador, every year, until the pandemic times, the Virgin pilgrimage starts at El Cisne town on August 17th, and end with the big procession from Catamayo to Loja on August 20th.

The last two years, the big walk from El Cisne to Loja, didn’t happen and Virgen was transported to Loja by helicopter, so, this year, the pilgrimage is back and the expectation is that it will be bigger than before. Is very well known by all the Lojanos, that people from all over Ecuador arrive to Loja in those days, even Loja people living overseas.

Together with this religious process, is connected the Loja International fair, that this year, is back, and here you can check the different activities that just started and will continue until september

Google for pictures about this 2 big events happening in the coming weeks, cordially invited to visit Loja.

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City: Cuenca

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