Ferias coming!

So yeah, here I am making you move your beautiful legs to my store, no matter what! Hahah… I´m happy to tell you people that we are having events, with more artisans that we don´t have at the store. So, when is it going to be? I´ll tell you, just with one condition, you have to come! We are going to have ferias Mondays and Tuesdays, two times a week. I know, we are the best.
So come this Monday and Tuesday, and also every day of the week, because I´m here every day!

Some of our vendors:

Artesana Bakery, Pei´s Dumplings, Zaruma Coffee, Jesmer Huertos, Mieles del Sol, Anne Sangine with awesome and beautiful jewelry, Barbara Van Able´s weaving, Elizabeth Beale´s fabulous knitted items, Cuenca Sunday Brunch, I can go on and on because there is a lot more on the way.
Cuenca Creators Co-op
Inside Sunrise Cafe. Calle Larga y Benigno Malo.
Monday-Saturday, 8 AM-2 PM
Sunday, 9 AM-2 PM

Sunrise Cafe, Calle Larga y Benigno Malo 9-38

098 400 9551
095 862 2251
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