Dog for Adoption

Kenso is still waiting for his new family and home. He is 7 months old, 40 pounds, neutered, good with other animals and extremely sweet. Australian Shepard and French Bulldog mix. He loves to be right by your side and has lots of affection to give.

He is a bit of an escape artist so he would require a gated home, but most importantly lots of love and attention. Since he is still a puppy he will also need further training but he’s eager to please and has been learning quickly.

We would keep him if we could but we already have another dog who was rescued from someone who was trying to use him for dog fights and while we’ve never had any problems before he’s started to show signs of aggressive towards Kenso and we’re worried about how things could progress so we’re hoping to find another foster home for him sooner than later because we want to make sure all our animals, him included, are safe.

If anyone can help with even another temporary home, please let us know.

Daphne Petty: +1 813 748 0014. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

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