Thank you from Lucas and Friends

Update on Lucas and Friends! Hopefully I can get better pictures up soon! I’m still phone-less but wanted to thank everyone who has donated towards Lucas’s care and the care of the other paw members here. Lucas is sterilized and got his flea meds and de-wormer. He is a happy camper and basically goes back and forth between our home and his old owner’s home. He is here most of the time but goes back for a day or so out of the week. We are fine with this as it is what makes Lucas happy.

Lucas and all 7 other dogs were groomed as well! They all look amazing and smelled great for a couple of days, lol. We are still working on getting flea meds and de-wormers for the 5 remaining dogs and the 3 cats. Any help is very much appreciated.

To donate paypal:

We are always in need of cat food, cat litter, and of course dog food.

Thank you from Lucas, Max, Tala, Nila, Scott, Peanut, Osa, Bailey, Jake, Pickles, and Pilgrim!

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City: Cuenca

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