Diana Vera medical and general facilitator

Diana Vera

Need help for private or IESS specialist’s appointments? You need to read this:

Hello Dear Expat Community!

My name is Diana Vera, I am a general and medical facilitator and personal assistant. I have good references from the ex-pat community and that’s why I want to offer my services to you. Do you need help with IESS specialists’ appointments? Or do you want to have a primary Doctor? You should have new lab tests and checkups to keep your information updated on the IESS database, or any private insurance in case anything happens. It can save your life.

I can help you to: -Set appointments for general checks, lab work, or specialists. -Get your regular medication every month (I can pick it up for you) -Private Transportation -Translations with the Doctors or Specialists I also can help you to do anything you need like errands, pay bills, groceries shopping, etc. Just ask and I’ll do it for you!

And now more important than ever, I will help you, with your end-of-life planning. Feel free to contact me anytime. Cuenca – Ecuador.

Diana Vera: diana81vera@gmail.com 099 174 4740. Call after: 9 AM.


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