Weekly Menu for Pájaro y Bestia – Ribs, ribs, ribs

To kick of the first week of delivery service, we are going to focus on our most popular dish – slow smoked ribs.

Pork Spare Ribs, slow smoked, then finished with just a touch of sweet butter. Sauce is on the side, cuz we’ve got nothing to hide. Sold by the pound only – $9 per pound. The picture is a one-pound rib plate. (Cerveza extra).

Keep It on the Down Low sandwich. A sandwich made from rib trimmings that are first smoked, chilled, then flash fried. Our most popular sandwich. $5.25

Chicken thighs are also on the menu, for those that want an alternative to red meat. $1.50 each. A sweet and sour lemon forward rub, smoked, then finished with a red Kansas City style glaze.

Sides for the week: Keep it simple stupid on first week of delivery. $1.25 per single serving – discounted for multiple servings in same container.

Mac & cheese
White potato salad
Beans for the Beast

Rib-a-la-palooza. We are dedicating most of the cooker space to ribs this week, and each small batch takes about 5 hours to produce. Order early and specify your time to assure that we will not be sold out.

Open 1 PM – 8 PM, Friday and Saturday only

August 5th and 6th, 1 – 8 PM, Gran Colombia 13-100 y Estévez de Toral

Leroy: pitmaster@barbecue.cafe 098 321 8273

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