Free Peace Meditation and Ascension Acceleration

Detach from doubt and turbulence.

A free guided event to help you align your energy with the depth of peace instead of our hectic global energy. The ascension process is well underway and it has been more tangible than ever.

The contrast between the old and new is clear for all who are willing to see, and for all to align with their chosen experience.

It is up to us, which energy reality we choose. The 3rd dimensional or beyond?

The choice is ours and we are ready! Come join me this Sunday online at 10:15 AM for a free guided meditation, touch your heart, connect with your soul and recalibrate your energy.

The event will be approximately 45-60 minutes, with archangelic teachings and a channeled energetic experience.

My name is Indiiyah Ananda and I am divine channel, teacher of ascension, multidimensional master healer and seasoned life coach. I am excited to share my work, to offer my heart and service to Cuenca.

I offer energy healing, channeled readings and coaching, 1:1 and group workshops and inspirational public speaking services, retreats.

To join the free event simply choose your channel following this link and be sure to save it and mark your calendar

Special intro offer

If you would like messages from your guides and the universe, I am offering a special recorded channeled reading with a special discount only here: A 20 minute audio where I open up the gates and allow the universe to share all you need to know now. I also include questions if you have any.

If you are interested in a recorded reading or would like the full list of the services email me at

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Namaste and many blessings


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