Do you think a solid Customer Service system would help your sales?

Do you sell items, services, products, or even run a non-profit organization? Then you must have a top-notch customer service.

Nowadays, it’s normal and even necessary to handle multiple means of communication with your customers; be it phone (WhatsApp or Telegram), social media (Facebook, Instagram), or professional virtual communication software (Twilio, Skype or Viber, and more). However, it can be tough to handle more than 1 of these at a time, especially if you are in serious business.

You can lose many clients by providing mediocre support, or slow communication, and they will not think twice about going to your competition if they feel they are being poorly served.

On the other hand, when you have an excellent support system, with a customer service vision, you can take full control of the situation and close the sales you need for your monthly goals. When you have a customer service structure, and a CRM tool, you can handle many communications at a time, with great speed and efficiency. Not only that, but you can begin to truly generate and make use of a real, living database, which will power your marketing and sales like never before.

Mandrake CX brings you the solution you need to make those sales or client communications run smoothly, and effective, with no chats left forgotten. We will help you with the assessment, the technical work and guidance so that your company has a solid customer service structure and communications.

We work with small, medium and big companies, and we’ll love to have you come on-board.

Get in touch with us through any of our social media, or our WhatsApp number, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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