Cuenca’s Best Fried Chicken – Joes’ Secret Garden

This Saturday, Dine-in Restaurant and Sunday, for takeout – delivery or pickup.

We take pride in our award winning down home Southern “Fried Chicken” dinner and the pleasure of preparing it for you.

Crisp, crunchy, craggly and subtly spicy, golden chicken served with creamy cole slaw, buttery garlic mashed potatoes, light country biscuits and ending with warm, chocolate puddin’ cake” makes for real good eating.
Our popular herb and garlic roast chicken available for those avoiding fried foods …
24 hours advance notice please or a Vegetarian Selection prepared just for you.

Mixed with the comfort and friendly atmosphere of Joes’, it’s a real treat and a special evening. The ‘private club gathering place’ feeling of this elegant home is the ‘community center’ for many of Cuenca’s expats and gringos as well as some of our Ecuadorian friends … it feels like you are spending the evening in a friends’ home … plus you’ll meet some great people here.

And Sunday, we offer the same dinner for ‘at home’ dining, dessert added at an ala carte price.

Reservation and advance ordering is required.
Pictures, prices and reservation forms on our website:

Saturday, … full bar, salon, garden and fun begins at 4:30 PM… bring your friends or just mix it up and make some new ones … dinner about 6 PM … come join us. Sunday, takeout all day, from 11:30 AM to 5 PM for pickup or delivery. Address at time of order

KP and Ken:

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