Movement and Meditation—a Wellness Retreat at Inti Kamari

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• Your body isn’t yet on board with the more active lifestyle associated with life in Cuenca
• Your brain isn’t yet sure about what life here will look like
• Or, you’d just like to learn more about your body and how it works…

This retreat is for you.

Join us at Inti Karmari Resort in Yunguilla Valley for a week of mobility, yin yoga, meditation, and sound therapy.

Enjoy this time to Align with Your Health and be in a supportive community, in a beautiful, natural setting.

I’m guessing that most of your life has been centered around taking care of others. If that’s true, maybe it’s time to focus on your health and wellbeing?

Find all of the details here:

Register on-line or message me through WhatsApp. Space is limited to 13, reserve your spot today!

And, if you’d like to come in for an Alignment, I offer an intuitively guided mix of chiropractic, muscle activation, dry needling, sound therapy, and energy work. Schedule here:

Yours In Health,
Dr. Kate Flynn, D.C.

Sep 12-16, 288pp, Inti Kamari, Yungilla.

Kate Flynn: 096 337 1245

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