Best discounts with Haqque Furniture summer season

Ger your house a fresh style with our summer season; great discounts at Haqque Furniture Store.

15% Living Room Sets
12% off Beds
12% off Dining Tables

With great variety of options, we give you everything you need for your house. Get it your style, picking the colors for every piece you get. Make it your size with custom measurements!

Get everything for your:

Bedroom: Beds, Mattress, Night Stands, Dresser, Chest,
Living space: Living room sets, TV Stand, shelves, end table.
Dining Room: Dining tables, hutch

We also do:

Desk, bars, entry tables, floor lamps.

Come and see us. We speak English.

Monday – Friday: 9 AM – 7 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 4 PM

“Furniture must have personality as well as be beautiful”
– Rose Tarlow

Gran Colombia Edif. River Palace 22293

Haqque Furniture Store

098 375 3107

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