Intentional Travelers Cuenca Transportation Guide

This is just a “FYI” post.

I was looking for information on something else when I came across this site and this guide. Pretty detailed, seems to have a lot of good info. Since I walk everywhere, a bunch of this is new, and now I know where to get a clue about it.

Published by “Intentional Travelers”. (Yet another travel site, but it seems nicer than most.) URL:

The topics covered are…

1) On Foot: Walking in Cuenca
2) How to Use Cuenca Public Buses
3) Tranvia: Cuenca’s Metro Line
4) Biking: BiciCuenca and bike rentals in Cuenca
5) Cuenca Taxis and Ride Share
6) Regional Bus Travel From Cuenca Throughout Ecuador

They also offer a walking map, but it’s just Google Maps with various landmarks on it, and you have to sign up with an email address. Meh. But if you really want to see it, you can get access to it by creating a disposable email address through (which is also handy to know about).

David Johns

City: Cuenca
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