Cause I Ain’t Got A Pencil…

Cause I Ain’t Got A Pencil ~by Joshua T. Dickerson

I woke myself up
Because we ain’t got an alarm clock
Dug in the dirty clothes basket,
Cause ain’t nobody washed my uniform
Brushed my hair and teeth in the dark,
Cause the lights ain’t on
Even got my baby sister ready,
Cause my mama wasn’t home.
Got us both to school on time,
To eat us a good breakfast.
Then when I got to class the teacher fussed
Cause I ain’t got no pencil

This was written in Baltimore but the children served by the Cuenca Soup Kitchen experience the same thing. School is just around the corner and our families can’t afford the basic necessities:

pencils, paper, notebooks, and pens

Dickerson said about his poem that “the main message is that you must continue to fight, regardless of circumstances.”

Help these children to fight for better futures.

Until August 29, 100% of donations to our JEP account will be used to buy school supplies for the 150+ school-age children in our food kit program. No fees.

For $25 per child you can fund the future today:

Hearts of Gold, Cuenta de ahorros JEP
Account number: 406079928700
RUC number: 0190395251001

Other ways to give:



Thank you,
Des Dizney, Bill O’Brien, and Smith

Cuenca Soup Kitchen Directors: .

City: Cuenca

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