Canceling CD securing my investment visa and leaving Ecuador

Good morning GringoPost viewers, I am seriously considering leaving Ecuador when my CD expires. I have had a permanent / indefinite resident visa secured by my CD for seven years.

Has anyone first hand or known an expat that has not renewed their CD attached to their investment visa… had their investment returned to their Ecuadorian bank… successfully had their funds returned to their home country via SWIFT from their Ecuadorian bank?

If so, were there procedures and or requirements necessary other than taking your original CD back to your Ecuadorian bank… not renewing the CD and having the funds credited back into your Ecuadorian bank account and then requesting the wire transfer?

I hope I have not complicated my inquiry. The procedure should be simple but I have had difficulty with my bank here in Cuenca and my trust has faded in their integrity. I was told by my attorney last year the Ministerio in Azogues denied my request to change banks although I submitted a written request and was given only a verbal answer from the attorney.

Thank You for any first-hand knowledge on this procedure.

With regards,

Steven Ellison

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