Cuenca Shop, super, super specials – 1 day only

Cuenca Shop, super, super specials

Yes the Young Living and doTerra Essential oil sale continues until August 6th
(Below cost -24% Discount – The Cheapest in Ecuador for the year)

But for today (Saturday July 29th only) we have further Super, Super Specials:

*Johnnie Walker Blue Label $296 (20% Cheaper than anywhere in Cuenca)
*8oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask $12.50 (Normally $15)
*Peanut Oil $6.50 (Normally $8.95)
*Jameson Whiskey 3 Bottles $105 (Normally $45 each)
*Cubical Premium London Dry Gin $37
*Barefoot Wine $9.50
*Malibu Rum $30 (Normally $37.50)
*Pate Iberico Coren $1.75 (Normally $2.95)
* Cinzano Bianco Vermouth $7 (Super Super special)
*Sake Zatoi 375ml $8. (Normally $9.95)
*Canto de Flora Organic Cabernet Sauvignon (Bonus Glass) $16 normally $19.95
*Ecuador Scenic Puzzles $16 Normally $20
*Secretos Del Monje Vino de Mortino $10 (Normally $12.95)
*Alvarium Honey Wine $10 (Normally $12.95)
*Siberian Vodka -Cranberry, Green Apple, Citrus or nuetrall $9 (Normally $12.50)
*Exotic Siracha Hot Chilli Sauce $4 -normally $5.85
*Smuckers Sugar free Marmalades/Jams -$4.50 Normally $5.95
*GlenCadam Single Malt Whiskey $50 (Below cost)
*Jack Daniels 1ltr $57.50 (Price of 750ml – So is 250ml or 1/4 free)
*Cattos Blended Scotch Whisky $25 (Ridiculous price)
*Grappa Piave $15 (crazy below cost)
*Westinghouse Hand Blender $35 (Great deal)
*Conexion/Mindo/Republoca Del Cacao chocolate/Natkaw/Mashpi/Arawi-Any 3 Combo $10
*Cihuatan Cnabrio 12yr old Rum $70 (Massive Saving)
*Picklings Hot Mexican Salsa $4.25 – Normally $5
*Tru Fruit Juices 1tr $2.50 (massive savings) -Nee Products
*Mooie Chocolatier Chocolates – 15% off (New Products)
*Corto Lumo Chardonnay Azul $9.50 (Below Cost)
*Caldo Natural Aneto Fish/Vegetable or Chicken Stock $5.95 (Drop everything and buy price -below cost)
*Nature’s Bounty B12 1000mg $20 (A whopping 30% discount)
*B&M Bacon & Onion Baked Beans $3 – Normally $4
*Campbells Cream of Bacon 2×1
*Cibo Dried Tomatoes in Olive oil $4 (below cost)
*Schullo Maple Syrup Organic 300ml $8 (below cost)
*Tei-Fu Nature’s Sunshine Massage lotion $20 (Below cost)
*Zamarro Aguardiente de Cana 375ml 2×1

All promotions (except the Essential Oil promotion that finishes August 6th) are one day only.

These are all huge savings

Cuenca Shop (8-66 Coronel Talbot, Parque San Sebastian, Cienca)

098 402 6399

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