SciFi discussion group meets Thursday

The next meeting of the Cuenca SciFi and Fantasy Discussion Group will be:

* Date: this coming Thursday, August 4th,

* Time: noon

* Place: Golden Prague Pub

The book for this month is:

* A Desolation Called Piece by Arkady Martine, the second book of the Teixcalaan series.

A Desolation Called Peace is on this year’s Hugo Award nominees list, and book 1 won the Hugo in 2020. The first volume (A Memory Called Empire) was our pick for last month and was the first book we’ve read so far that seemed universally liked by the group, so reading book 2 for this month seemed like a natural choice. And its listing on Amazon has 4.5/5 stars with 4,800+ ratings, so the odds are good that it’s a decent read (subject to personal taste, of course).

For anyone who hasn’t been to the Golden Prague Pub, you can find it as under that name in Google Maps. It’s directly across the street from the Supermaxi El Vergel, 2 blocks south of Parque de la Madre on Alfonso Cordero. The place opens at noon — if you get there early, I’m not sure what their policy is on letting you grab a chair, but the Supermaxi has a couple of benches outside on the upper level.

Anyone who finds themselves available and wants to show up is welcome. This is intended to be a general geek-interest reading/discussion group. Subjects could involve scifi/fantasy fiction and movies, anime, tech, gaming, a book-of-the-month reading, and so forth. Friendly arguments about how about whether Amazon’s Rings of Power series can reasonably be considered “Tolkien” given that he’s been dead for 50 years by now, or whether Interstellar made a lick of sense, are entirely possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them below and I’ll keep an eye on this space to answer them.

See you all on then.

Thursday, August 4th, noon, free, Golden Prague Pub, Calle Alfonso Cordero y Av. Jose Peralta, Cuenca.

Charles Castleberry: howtaobrowncow at gmail dot com

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