Thank you Orlando

My family and I wish to thank Orlando Sigüenza for all of his hard work. Orlando is an amazing guide who worked very hard to provide our family with an experience of a lifetime while we were visiting the Cuenca area recently. He not only took us on tours, but really taught us Ecuadorian culture and history, not to mention a few needed Spanish lessons. He went above and beyond to ensure our trip was exactly what we wanted it to be. His connections throughout the area, showed us how well trusted and respect he is in the community.

We highly recommend contacting Orlando if you are looking for a guide for outings or just trying to have a trusted person who can assist you in setting things up if you are new to the area. Contact him on WhatsApp +593 98 585 4587.

Thank you Orlando, we will see you again soon my friend!

Carrie Dan and Lara

City: Cuenca

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