Recommendation for Maureen Seals, professional editor

If you have a draft of a book that’s just sitting there waiting for the final touches before you publish, I highly recommend Maureen Seals, a professional book editor, to help you get to the finish line.

Maureen recently helped me edit my memoir, concentrating on content editing to make sure the story flowed and was an interesting read. With her 25 years’ experience teaching English in public schools in the Unites States, she can work with you on your vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills to create your final copy. She not only holds current teaching certificates in English, science, and social studies but also has a master’s degree in Educational Research and Psychology, as well as bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology.

No matter what kind of content you are creating, her widespread qualifications can help with just about any tome. She also a pleasure to work with and will be passionate about your writing project. She’s edited novels, autobiographies, poetry, short stories, essays, and theses to name a few.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

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