Muak Café, bakery and pastries

Here you can have a little bit of everything!

Breakfast, lunch, brunch, coffee or tea time, homemade bread… Deli style, Francés, sweet, sandwich style, wholemeal, as well.

Apart from this, we can help you with your events, birthday cakes, meetings, vegan events, dinners, parties, picnic, snacks, etc.

Enjoy our great variety of desserts, excellent freshly ground coffee, Capuccino, Mocaccino; Hot Chicolate, Pink Lemonade, Ice tea, fruit juice, Milkshakes…
Sandwiches, sweet or salty pastry puffs, American and Continental breakfast, Omelets, Pancakes, also our new Pizza Cone (big or mini). Desserts today: Brownies, Chocolate Pie, Cupcakes, Mini Cakes, Butter Cookies, Chocolate, Marbled, Carrots and Banana cakes, among others.

For healthy people we offer the Pink latte (almond milk and Beets) 100% light and natural. Sugar free.

Come and visit us… Only waiting for you.

July 27th, from 9 AM to 10 PM, Remigio Crespo Av and José Lozado

Maria: WhatsApp +593 97 890 8533

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