Recommendation for Suffolk Language School, language education

After not having a positive experience with a different language school, I thought of stopping my Spanish lessons. When I discovered Suffolk School, run solely by Juan Carlos, I decided to try again.

What impressed me from the start was each day when I arrived, he had the lesson of the day on the whiteboard ready for me. Juan is a dedicated teacher who paid attention to my questions and then creating new ways for me to understand grammar.

He uses a variety of methods: reading, writing, videos, and some games as well. Another thing that caught my attention was his making notes of the class at the end. Each class, he knew where we left off the day before.

The fact that he followed some curriculum and was prepared was what the other school lacked. I highly recommend Juan and Suffolk School. He uses WhatsApp more frequently than email.

Address: Simon Bolivar 12-30 y Tarqui #201 Cuenca

Contact information: 99 728 1603

Recommended by Ryan James:

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