Amojonamiento required for purchasing land?

Good morning,

I’m looking to purchase a piece of land in Ecuador. I was told approx 10 years ago that the property boundaries must be newly documented and registered prior to any new land sales after the effective date of a new law referred to as an “amojonamiento”.

I was told the amojonamiento process usually takes several months, delaying the land purchase.

Can anyone elaborate on this?

Many thanks,


“Spanish to Fluency” experiences

Does anyone have “Spanish to Fluency” course experience with Nadine? Or other current recommendations?

Dennis: 99 987 6761. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for expert in getting visas to US and Canada

My friends are highly skilled foreign nationals, not from North America and not from Ecuador. They have been promised jobs in US and Canada and need visas to claim them. Anybody?

Heather Conley: 099 577 7459. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

Washer-Fuzzy Logic brand

10.5 kg capacity washer. Water saver Logic. Also indicates how much detergent to use.
Great condition. $150 available August 11th.

Marilyn Cochran: .

City: Cuenca

Mabe gas dryer

Great condition. $150. Available August 11

Marilyn Cochran: .

City: Cuenca

Indurama refrigerator

Frost free. 16 cu. ft. chrome. Great condition.

$250. Available August 15th

Marilyn Cochran: .

City: Cuenca

Custom-built outdoor wood dining table and 6 chairs

Sturdy wood dining table with 6 chairs. Seat cushions and back cushions are included for the chairs. A heavy-duty plastic storage container holds the cushions when not in use. Dining table comes with a removable glass cover that provides a smooth surface as well as protection from the sun and rain.

Price: $650

More pictures are available. Please contact by WhatsApp at 098 864 8241

Located in the El Vergel neighborhood.

David Kaplan: 098 864 8241.

City: Cuenca

Nuts benefits

Eat nuts!

Dear Friends:
At Gramm we have several very fresh nuts full of benefits, some of these benefits are:

1. Reduces cholesterol, due to its high content of Omega 3 fatty acids of vegetable origin.

2. Helps prevent cardiovascular disease and have a healthy heart.

3. Take care of your brain, its neuroprotective compounds help improve cognitive and motor function of the brain.


Large outdoor umbrella on dolly with locking wheels

The umbrella measures 9.8 feet (3 meters) in diameter and provides shade to a large area. It has an extremely heavy concrete base to anchor the umbrella in place. Due to the weight of the base, I had a custom-made wood dolly with locking wheels built, so the umbrella can easily be repositioned as the sun moves across the sky. The umbrella cover is beige. Price: $300

Please contact by WhatsApp at 098 864 8241

Located in the El Vergel neighborhood.

David Kaplan: 098 864 8241.

City: Cuenca

Shares of Eco-Horuscom S.A.S. B.I.C.

Eco-Horuscom S.A.S. B.I.C. is selling shares.

This is a new company in Paute-Ecuador whose economic activity is: Recycled plastic processing plant.

Acquire shares and be part of one of the most important companies that will soon be inaugurated. The minimum share sale is 100 units for $7,000

Contacts: 098 419 9777 / 099 677 9994 / 095 969 7242

Janneth Pena:

City: Paute

4-piece outdoor seating group

Custom-made heavy wood seating (chair, loveseat, and couch) with seat cushions and back cushions. Table comes with a removable glass cover that provides protection from the sun and rain. Also included is a two-shelf metal unit with canvas cover in which to store the cushions when not in use. Price: $750

More pictures are available. Please contact by WhatsApp at 098 864 8241.

Located in the El Vergel neighborhood.

David Kaplan: 098 864 8241.

City: Cuenca

Set-top boxes for sale

Set-top boxes for sale 
Set-top boxes (all 4K) 
Fire TV with ethernet adaptor. Loaded with programs. $60 
HK1 R Box: Android 10, 4 gb ram, 64 gb rcm, ethernet, HDMI, optical out. $60. 
T9: Android, ethernet, HDMI, optical out. $50. 
Scishon V88 Plus: SD/MC slot, 3 USB, USB4, AV, HDMI, ethernet. $50. 
MECOOL M8S Pro L: HDMI, ethernet, USB (2), Tf. $50. 
ROKU HD model 2500x. video, r&l audio, HDMI $50. 

Rick Berke: 

City: Cuenca

JD’s Muebles home furnishing store

Everything you can buy in a single store, we have everything to furnish your house or apartment, at very good and negotiable prices, beds, nightstands, mattresses, wardrobes, living rooms, dining rooms, stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, recliners, singles, doubles and triples, etc. and much more.
In addition to that we deliver and install, without additional charge.

JD’s furniture a store that will make you feel at home.
When you shop here, you’re family.


Homemade traditional Ecuadorian food

María offers traditional Cuenca food:

5 Humitas (which are corn flour tamales wrapped in cheese), at $5

5 Tamales of corn flour, egg, raisins, pepper, with chicken or pork, at $6

5 Choclo (heirloom corn) Tortillas, $5


Diving fins for sale

A pair of diving fins.
Size: L-XL
Adjustable buckles
Price $35

I can send pics by WhatsApp.

Estefany: .

City: Cuenca

Entertainment electronics for sale

Entertainment electronics for sale (B.R.O.) 
Asus RT-N66U Dark Knight Double 450 Mbps N Router. $75. 
Linksys N600 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router (in Box). $50. 
Netgear N300 Wireless Router WNR 2000. $30. 
Linksys AC1200 MAX Range Extender (10,000 Sq, Ft) (in box) $40. 
RCA Soundbar $50. 
Helios Digital Audio Optical cable AS-T-2006 (In box), lifetime warranty. $10. 
Audio Navigator computer speakers (pair). $40. 
HD Indoor Antenna. $15. 

Rick Berke: . 

City: Cuenca

Side tables

Auxiliary and coffee tables to decorate your home with the best style.

Auxiliary table

1 for $45
2 for $80

Coffee table
value $65

We make in color and model that you want.

Erwin Salazar: 097 886 9661.

City: Cuenca

Last items – Catalina´s Garage

Catalina ́s Garage invites you to sell new and used items online in perfect condition. We have the latest articles. Take advantage!

We have:
– Lady’s Leather Jacket. Used in excellent condition. Size M. Color: Black. $26
– Lacitos for girls. New. With alligator type hook. $1 unit
– Dama leather wallet. Brown color. Used in excellent condition. With a small detail. $26
– Pants for Lady. New. Kaki color. It has one institutional badge that it can replace with another. Brand: Equipos Cotopaxi. $30
– Jean for children. Used in perfect condition. Size: 34 (equivalent 14). $8
– Jean for lady. New. color: beige. Size: 26. It has small spots. $15
– Shirt for Men. Used little use. In excellent condition. Size: 39/40 (Equivalent to Size M). Color: white with blue stripes. $25

Photos by WhatsApp or email

Delivery Method: Pick up

Patricia Ledezma: 096 350 9889.

City: Cuenca

BBQ at Pájarp y Bestia

Pájaro y Bestia – a great place to get porked.

Gran Colombia 13-100 y Estévez de Toral


Powerful benefits of high-dose Vitamin C IV therapy

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a powerful antioxidant that plays a crucial role in overall health.

High-dose Vitamin C is crucial to a healthy body and contributes to your immune defense by supporting and directly stimulating various cellular functions of both the innate and adaptive immune systems.

Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant and is responsible for many functions in the body. While not all of our oral supplements are fully absorbed, IV delivery of Vitamin C ensures that 100% of the vitamin is bioavailable. In addition, when given high doses, Vitamin C converts from an antioxidant to an oxidative therapy.


Hungry for TexMex? Always at Santa Cruz restaurant

Santa Cruz loves giving their customers the best service and time at the restaurant, so please, check out these amazing combos and specials and get what suits you the most.


Taco Tuesday 10 x 10 (Ten tacos for 10 bucks)
Mariachi Thursday
2X1 Martinis
3X2 Beer
2X1 Blue Margaritas every day!


Delivery service

Hi friends, a pleasure. I’m Manuel. I offer my delivery service, package delivery, messaging within the basin, food purchases, medicine, I have my own motorcycle to provide you with an excellent service.

Cuenca Centro


Carpentry, wood, painting and other services

– I manufacture furniture in wood, melamine, MDF, dining rooms, tables, chairs, closets, beds, and murphy style beds.

– I manufacture sofas, dining rooms, and sofa beds of different sizes

– Ceramic Installation

– porcelain tile installation


July 31 Dia de la Mascota El Vergel La Mia Mascota Pet Shop

Come join us on Sunday, July 31, at El Vergel shopping center from 10 AM to 5 PM when we will celebrate “Dia de la Mascota” – Day of the Pet. Bring your pet and enjoy an unforgettable day. We will have contests, prizes and more.
This month we are offering special prices on Vital Can Puppy and Junior dog food and also on Nutrique Healthy Weight. In addition, our veterinary offices are offering a special reduced price for prophylactic care for large dogs at $70 and for small dogs and cats at $50.


Private Spanish lessons

Personalized, private, face-to-face Spanish lessons in the city of Cuenca. Native speaker, with a degree in foreign languages. I speak English fluently, and also German.

Gran Colombia – Cuenca

Juan Carlos

Professional teacher

I taught for 25 years in the USA. I will tutor or teach any age student. I hold current teaching certificates in English, science, and social studies and a master’s degree in Educational Research and Psychology, as well as degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology. I am fully vaccinated and will work with you in person or online. I can address whatever skills or content you need. I can teach your student to read and write in English. I have experience with young children to graduate students.

My teaching fee is negotiable depending upon the task.



WhatsApp: 593 96 711 7397

RE: USA Valet for Gringos and Ecuadorians

We bring you the things you want to buy from the United States. We ship legally and shipments are, on average, once a week. We deliver to your home anywhere throughout Ecuador.

As our carrier pigeon mascot says,

“The sky’s the limit!”

So, you can use our service regularly for anything you want to get (restrictions apply – ask us). It’s not just for items ordered online but you can order from any brick-and-mortar store throughout the world. You can order from Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and virtually any store around the globe.


Older adult care

Hi dears, My name is Patricia, and I want to offer my senior care services. I have 2 years of experience. Among my services includes: daily bath, help to dress, sanitary hygiene, give medication and treatments according to medical indication, blood pressure taking, preparation of special food, help consume your food, morning walks and accompaniment to medical appointments. Price per day: $50 / patient
Professional profile:
Patricia Ledezma
Venezuelan, professional with registration in SENESCYT, trilingual (Spanish: native / English: basic / Portuguese: intermediate).

Cuenca. Centro de Cuenca.

Patricia Ledezma
096 350 9889

Leonardo’s Landscaping Service

Weekly or monthly Garden maintenance service…
Winner as the best Gardener, GringoPost 2022!

Available for any size job for any kind of project in Cuenca Ecuador
My name is Leonardo, I have been named Best Gardener in GringoPost for the past 3 years. I am available to help you with the best selection of plants and Pots. It would be my pleasure to serve you.

Need gardening stuff or firewood?
Here are some items I can deliver to your home and help you set up your beautiful garden:


Full Moon – Women’s Circle

Tuesday, August 9th from 2 to 4 PM, I will hosting the next women’s circle to celebrate the Full Moon in Aquarius. This is a space for women to connect to the divine feminine, explore astrology, dive deep into their intuition and create community.

We will be doing a guided meditation, journal session, group tarot reading, and breath work.

Cost is $10 and it includes a snack and tea.
Please reserve through email or WhatsApp.

Viejo Camino a Turi y Primero De Mayo.

Aubree Jeanne
099 255 6981

Renewable energy and sustainable projects – 100% green

We can help you with the implementation of a renewable energy system according to your electrical needs and you can produce your own electricity for self-consumption regardless of whether you are in the city or in the countryside, obtaining the benefit of 100% Green energy.

We are Energia Nativa and we have solutions for all kind of projects with On Grid or Off Grid systems of any capacity according to your needs.


Call my guy

Hola, I’m David, here to offer my services as an assistant, any kind of need that you have, getting any legal documents you need, scam protection and legal advice on your everyday life, translations live and documents, drive you to places, anything you need (seriously anything) I can do it for you or connect you to the right people.

WhatsApp: 098 462 3217 from 8 AM to 11 PM
IG: @davidespinosauio


David Espinosa

098 462 3217
Instagram @davidespinosauio

Myers’ Cocktail IV Therapy – a powerful combination of vitamins

Myers’ Cocktail IV is a powerful combination of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and fluids; this well-known IV drip will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. In addition, the Myers’ Cocktail is touted as an effective therapy to maintain wellness and alleviate the symptoms of acute or chronic illnesses and diseases.



Full body Relaxation Massage – 90-minute session

Nurture your mind, body and spirit with an indulgent 90-minute massage

This massage releases your muscles and calms your nervous system –the perfect recipe for relaxation. Everyone could benefit from a Relaxing massage – whether you’re struggling to sleep, got deadlines to hit, or want some quality me’ time. Feel pampered and relaxed in the comfort of your home.

Benefits of Relaxing Massages:


Recommendation for Matthew Bagels, restaurant

Just place and received my firs order from Matthew Bagels and highly recommend this business. The bagels (Everything) are just like NY Bagels I used to get in the city. The cream cheese (sun died tomato) is excellent. I also ordered zucchini read, and while it’s not sweet like it’s made in the States, it was warm upon delivery and delicious with some butter! Next, we’ll be trying out some of their cheeses.

Address: Comercial Eloy Alfaro, Av. Las Americas, y, Cuenca 010107

Contact information: 593 99 860 4290

Recommended by Cheryl Duerr:

Recommendation for Rob’s Reflexology, stress and pain relief

I have been a regular client for 3 years. I get regular reflexology sessions to help me relax, relieve stress tension, neck and back pain. I work out regularly and these sessions help me with muscle recovery, flexibility and it gives me energy. I also have work related stress but after the reflexology the tension and stress is all released. The session is very relaxing and I don’t want to wake up when it’s over. I recommend the $100 special, it’s a good deal for 4 sessions. I am never disappointed

Address: Edificio Geranios on Los Pensamientos and Los Geranios

Contact information: 096 975 7287

Recommended by Ender Arias:

Recommendation for Suffolk Language School, language education

After not having a positive experience with a different language school, I thought of stopping my Spanish lessons. When I discovered Suffolk School, run solely by Juan Carlos, I decided to try again.

What impressed me from the start was each day when I arrived, he had the lesson of the day on the whiteboard ready for me. Juan is a dedicated teacher who paid attention to my questions and then creating new ways for me to understand grammar.


Recommendation for Jenny Salinas, at home manicure and pedicure

We are happy to recommend Jenny Salinas. She comes to our home and gives us great pedicures. She really works on our callouses. We really enjoy her at home service she provides to us and she’s very professional.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 596 4967

Recommended by Doug and Susan Greenlee:

Authentic Mexican food in Cuenca delivered to your door

100% fresh and handmade corn tortillas.

• $8 – Gourmet Mexican Enchiladas
– 3 chicken-stuffed enchiladas, with Mexican beans and rice, choice of red or green
chili hot sauce. “Gluten Free”

• $10 – Red Pozole
– 1 large pot, contains: Corn, pork, Mexican spices accompanied by tortilla chips with
your order. “Gluten free”


7 Bakery Coffee

Business Hours
From Monday to Sunday and holidays
Home deliveries via WhatsApp 098 862 7147 With 24 hours of anticipation.

Physical store
Address: Av Gonzales Suarez 14-90 and Luis Martinez
From 9 AM – 5 PM or while supplies last

Donuts (minimum order 6 units):

Filled donuts:


Sourdough bread in Cuenca

Hi everyone, We are happy to continue delighting our dear customers, offering healthy sourdough bread, free yeast, vegan and some desserts made in wood-fire oven, organic free chemicals.

You can find us in the historical Center.
We have home delivery.

Some breads:

White bread
Barley multi-seeds
Wheat with cranberries
Sweet croissants
Cinnamon rolls
Bagels and more

For special order: pretzel, roman bread, focaccia, chocolate croissants, gluten-free.
You can order one day before

Store 1: From Monday to Saturday, from 8 AM to 8 PM; Sunday: from 8:15 AM to 3 PM. Store 2: From Monday to Saturday from 9:30 AM to 7 PM, Store 1 : Juan Jaramillo 5:18 and Mariano Cueva. Store2: Gran Colombia y Manzaneros.

International Bakery: 096 891 1591

Sourdough pizza in wood-fired oven

Have you ever enjoy sourdough pizza in Cuenca? Come in and visit us with your family and friends, we are Entre Fuego y Leña Pizzería team, here you can eat healthy and delicious pizza, yeast free.

Find us at Historical Center.

Some options:

Black pizza (with shrimp)
Onions and peppers
Fugazza (double dough)
Special figs and three cheeses and more!
In addition we offer delicious Coffee, cappuccino, tea, and desserts.

We have home delivery.

From Monday to Saturday, from noon to 9 PM, Juan Jaramillo 5-10 and Mariano Cueva

Gabriela: 096 884 7990

The Jim Gala Trio Saturday, July 30th at the Jazz Society Café

The Jim Gala Trio in Concert

Food and beverage service begins at 6 PM. Jazz concert at 7 PM.



“Cuenca is blessed to have such an artist in Jim Gala. I’ve played with some of the greats on both sides of the Atlantic yet I have never heard such a transformative unique jazz pianist as Jim Gala. Simply put he’s a true musical genius.” —Bill Scott Broadway Singer Composer & Arranger


Thursday, delicious Asian dinners special!

Mother & Son Family Kitchen’s Thursday Asian Dinner Special is back!
WhatsApp 096 322 3377
Free delivery within the city for orders $30 or more.

Dinners are enough for 2 servings

Braised pork ribs with Hoisin Sauce $12
served with white or brown rice, steamed broccoli plus a side of pineapple-cucumber salad


Jan and the Jazz Quartet (with some new members!) this Friday

Jan Wallace and Martin Navarro Quartet (with some new members!) are back at the Jazz Society this Friday, July 29th.

Jazz Standards played with exotic rhythms, and Jazz-Pop for those who “think” they don’t like jazz.

Come and experience great cuisine to the smooth vocals and soothing sounds of sax, guitar, bass and drums. An “oasis” in your week!


A Woody Allen Film

La Guarida presents

Blue Jasmine
a Woody Allen film projected in English with Spanish subtitles with incredible performances by Cate Blanchett and Sally Hawkins.

Wednesday, July 27th at 6:45 PM
Doors open at 6 PM
Reservations with dinner are required
Tel. 099 806 8071

Blue Jasmine, which is easily Woody Allen’s best and most powerful movie since 2005’s “Match Point”, is filled with outstanding performances, including Hawkins as the sweet-natured Ginger and the always amazing Cate Blanchett.

We are an easy Tranvia ride away to La Cuadra station.

July 27th, from 6:45 PM to 9 PM, Free, Mariscal Lamar 22-23 y Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: 099 806 8071

Sunday Jazz Brunch with Ernest Whaley

This Sunday, Jazz Society Cafe present: Ernest Whaley

A mix of Jazz standards, some soul, Latin pop, bossa nova, and blues. Some of the artists are Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder Frank Sinatra, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, and Bill Withers.
Enjoy delicious brunch and great Jazz.

Food & Beverages from 11 AM to 3 PM. Music starts at 12:30 PM
Great jazz, delicious food, romantic atmosphere!

Food & Beverages from 11 AM to 3 PM. Music starts at 12.30 PM 31st of July, tips are welcome, Jazz Society Café, Los Cedros y Los Claveles, Cuenca.

Debby Degamo: 093 934 2714 English 096 322 3377 Español

Charango night with award winning musicians

La Guaria is proud to present

A Journey to Cusco
an intimate charango concert with incredible
Ali Medina and Jorge Koko Aguirre

Thursday, July 28th at 7:30 PM
Doors open at 6 PM
Reservations with dinner are required
Admission: $8
(The full amount of your admission will go into supporting Ali’s trip to el Cusco).
Book now by calling 099 806 8071


Gran Feria Sabatino’s is back on Saturday, August 6

We’re glad to be back. Our vendors have had time to replenish their supplies and create even more products to entice you. Here’s who you can expect to see at the next Gran Feria Sabatino’s.

Alafi Artisan Cheeses
Artesana Breads by Rosemary
Blue Biker Blueberries
Capadocia Fermented Products
Double D’s Delights


Menu for Almuerzos at Mujeres con Exito

Tomorrow, Thursday and Friday, Mujeres Con Exito offers delicious, healthy menus for $3.50.
Ajiaco- a potato/corn chicken soup famous in Colombia
Main Dish either pork steak, or beef in a wine sauce
White Rice
Fresh tossed Salad
Jugo from Jamaica=Hibiscus


Social dining in Clandestino

Join us: Meet new people and make friends.

Have a social dining and feel like home. The menu will be delicious and healthy:

Crispy bread with pate
Gratin bolognese slipper gourd
Stuffed pasta with ricotta cheese and quail eggs
Cardamom Crème Brûlée
Cocktail / Glass of wine
Pets allowed!
Only 6 people / Collaboration $40 per person
When? August 11th, 6:30
Where: Cuenca, near to Parque San Sebastian

Augusto 11th, 6:30, Presidente Córdova y Coronel Talbot

Karla Rachadell: 097 966 9643

Live Music at Bistro Yaku

This Wednesday, July 27, at 8 PM jazz and bossa nova.

Good Customers and Friends, We would like to extend an invitation to you for this fantastic concert.
David González, conductor of the Cancun Big Band in Mexico, and esteban encalada, two outstanding players from Cuenca, in a unique bossa nova and Jazz concert

This Saturday 30th at 7 PM
Are you a fan and lover of our typical music as well as folklore?


Few seats left for tonight’s special event

Tonight’s Special event at the Jazz Society Cafe is almost sold out. We have few seats left make you reservation now for Tiina Soé Trio at the Jazz Society Café.

Cuenca Symphony Orchestra’s exceptional Harpist/Pianist, Singer and composer Tiina Soé with Christian Torres on bass and Pedro Ortiz on drums at the Jazz Society Cafe —Don’t miss it!
Great Jazz and Delicious food! Come hungry!

If you can’t make it tonight, you can make an early reservations for our Friday Special Jazz Dinner featuring Jan Wallace with Martin Navarro Jazz Quartet and Saturday with the Jim Gala Trio.

Social hour starts at 6 PM

Wednesday 7 PM, 27th of July, $5 donation for the musicians, Jazz Society Cafe Los Cedros y Los Claveles, Cuenca.

Debby Degamo: 093 934 2714 English 096 322 3377 Español