Argentinian homemade alfajores de maicena

Hi everyone! Would you like something sweet to eat with your coffee?

I’m making and selling cornstarch alfajores (alfajores de maicena in Spanish), a specialty of my native country, Argentina. They go specially well with a cup of coffee/tea! They are big, so I think one alfajor per person is more than enough.

A cornstarch alfajor is made of two circular cornstarch biscuits filled with sweet milk (manjar de leche in Spanish) and grated coconut on the edges.

Price: $1.50 per unit
I’m selling 12 units at $15 as a promotion

You can ask for photos in my email!

Order instructions: the alfajores are upon request. You can order by email or WhatsApp. I usually deliver Mon-Fri, but you can order anytime. Free delivery! Santa Cruz 1-65, Cuenca

Tomas Yassin: 098 654 5157

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