Jan Wallace + Martin Navarro Quartet at the Jazz Society Cafe

Friday 7 PM, 29th of July at the Jazz Society Café: Jan Wallace with Martin Navarro Jazz Quartet.

Jan Wallace – Vocals
Martin Navarro – Guitar
Tenox Tenorio – Bass
Edu Abad – Drums
Javier Cargua – Sax
Great jazz, delicious food, intimate atmosphere!
Dinner service and social hour starts at 6 PM
Music starts at 7 PM
Your favorite Jazz Standards, plus what we call “Jazz-Pop”–some great popular tunes “jazzified.”

Friday 7 PM, 29th of July, $5 donation for the musicians, Jazz Society Cafe Los Cedros y Los Claveles, Cuenca.

Debby Degamo: jazzsocietyofecuador@gmail.com 093 934 2714 English 096 322 3377 Español

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