Weekly menu for Pájaro y Bestia

True to the namesake of the Bird and the Beast, here is the weekly menu:

The Bird: Chicken Thighs. This week, white rub chicken. Brined overnight, then dry rubbed with a white sweet/sour lemon forward rub, and glazed with a Kansas City red glaze.

The Beast: Pork Spare Ribs. Dry rubbed and smoked, then wrapped with flavor enhancers, then finished unwrapped. Sauce is served on the side because we have nothing to hide.

And a few rib trimmings sandwiches – the new Keep It on the Down Low. It’s a new favorite in the city.

And we have the world famous (okay maybe Cuenca famous) Senora Strong cookies for dessert. If you have not had Sheryl’s cookies yet.

Se la Bestia!

July 22 and 23. 1 – 8 PM, Gran Colombia 13-1

Leroy Kent: pitmaster@barbecue.cafe

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