Special promotion on Berenice Studio and SPA

We invite you to discover our new spa. Our cosmeticians are specialized in Argentina and have a professional license. They do the best job and act with professionalism.

We have different services such as relaxing massages, deep cleansing facials, anti-aging treatments with radiofrequency and galvanic therapy and many more.

Body treatments to reduce stretch marks and tone skin and muscles.

We have gift cards and discounts on multi-session packages.

Our super promotion on deep cleansing facials: regular price $35
but if you schedule with us today you only pay $25.

Don’t miss out on this super promotion. We have only 8 appointments available at this super price.

We always disinfect our cabins after each patient and use biosecurity protocols.

You can follow us on our social networks like FB & Instagram https://www.facebook.com/BereniceStudio.ec

you can reach me at WhatsApp: 098 459 2179
or email me at vickyandrade20@gmail.com

Miguel Cordero Davila y Paucarbamaba in front of the Work Center building the moustache.

Vicky Andrade

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