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Need corrective chiropractic care (herniated discs)

I’m looking for corrective chiropractic care. 16 months ago, I fell down six stairs and my knee took all the impact and my back got hurt indirectly. I had lived with the back pain knowing my limits until I went to therapy 2 months ago fistoperithia. This guy saw my x-ray and said I can fix that. My lower disc became raw and I was told that was normal when it has been the same for a year, just aching mildly. I just had an MRI and now I have two herniated discs.

— Corrective Chiropractic Care
Last but not least, corrective chiropractic care can do wonders for a herniated disc, but beware of improper chiropractic adjustments. Many chiropractors do a form of adjustment that’s going to cause your ligaments to possibly become looser; believe it or not. You want to do corrective chiropractic adjustments that follow chiropractic biophysics, Clear Institute or even Pettibon System techniques. Corrective chiropractic care retrains and gets the corrected spinal curvatures back.

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