School recommendations for 8th grader?

Hello Everybody,

My brother and his family are planning to move to Cuenca from the US. They have a daughter who, at the time of the move, will be entering 8th grade (by Ecuadorian grade levels). Although my brother and his wife are fluent in Spanish, their daughter hasn’t quite got past the basics yet. Therefore, they are leaning towards enrolling her in an international or bilingual school in which she can learn Spanish without getting completely lost.

Of course, they’ve done some research and found five or six possibilities so far. However, a school’s website and Facebook page doesn’t do much to describe the day-to-day environment. It’s difficult to discern how the teachers interact with the students, how the students treat each other, or how much support is actually given to students still learning Spanish. So, I was hoping someone has a school recommendation or experience they would be willing to share.

My niece is a good student and a relatively social kid. She’d rather be around others her own age than be homeschooled or have online classes. I hope her time in Cuenca will be an adventure that she can learn a lot from and fondly remember. However, I also realize and, in some ways, fear that her experience will largely be defined by the school she attends. Therefore, my family and I would truly appreciate any information about recommended and not-so-recommended schools from those who might have some insight.

Thank you all in advance.

– Sara

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