Refugees: Qs about prescriptions, passports, deportations

Does anybody understand whether the city’s free hospitals do or do not supply prescribed medicines to undocumented refugees as they do to citizens?

So, the little ones fall down or get food poisoning or the flu, and their young mama takes them, for example, to Moscoso hospital, where they get a free consultation. But when it comes to the medicine prescribed, she is made to pay. Is that correct?

Could it be because she does not have any passport, only a Venezuelan cedula? Would that make it proper to not give her medicine? She says she knows of no approach to the system where she does not pay for medicine, though consultations are free.

Also, somebody told her that once the mask rules are dropped and the police have more time, they are going to sweep through the city and deport everybody who does not have paperwork in order. Is this true?

Lucy O Hancock

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